Date: Feb 8th, 2008 6:08:50 am - Subscribe
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i would like a do-over, please.
when a computer locks up, or slows down, or has to absorb new ideas or habits (programming), it requires a restart before the changes take effect. i want that luxury.
i want to start over with a clean slate, all of my acquired knowledge in hand, all of my bad habits and stubborn resistance forgotten.
i want to start fresh in a brand new home, knowing what i do now about simplicity and maintenance, and what i can get by with and what is just useless stuff. i want the opportunity to begin again in a home and purchase only those items that bring me joy and are comfortable and beautiful, rather than deal with the hand-me-downs left and donated by countless previous owners.
i want to start fresh in my closet, empty everything and begin with purchasing only those things that fit and make me feel good, leaving behind the pants that used to fit and the skirt i am not brave enough to wear and the shirts that function only to cover my chest.
i want to feel like caring about my appearance is not an exercise in futility.
i want to start fresh in my relationships, past issues and mistakes wiped clean, never to be brought up again.
i want the entire world to forget who i used to be, so that my self-reinvention will work.

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