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siblino more sax links Feb 10th, 2006 11:59:24 am - Subscribe
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siblino sax music Feb 10th, 2006 11:54:28 am - Subscribe
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siblino ap essay Feb 3rd, 2006 5:52:00 am - Subscribe
It feels as if it is worlds away from our own. Nazis, concentration camps, the cries and suffering of six million jews who never raised a hand in violence. As we sit in class reading Night, we feel a sense of releif knowing that their reality no longer exists. But the reality bound in cardbord and glue still exists today. People still fight the same battles that people have since the dawn of civilation. Right versus wrong, good versus evil, survival versus sacrifice. Elie Wisel reminds us that the nazis of his time still exist in our time.
Right versus wrong. It’s the fundamental battle we were taught when we were children. Never were we taught to do the wrong thing. So why, then do people kill one another? How can it be possible for one man to watch the suffering of another and not feel compelled to ease their pain? Look around you. Its happening as we speak. Think of the citizens of north korea. Some live in nice homes, go to school, and are portrayed as the pride of their country. But for ever child that is well fed, there are a hundred that go hungry. We hear the stories, grieve for a moment, and move on with our lives. They are still suffering, but we either let it slip our mind, or make ourselves forget to save us from the pain. Is that fair? Not at all. Was it fair for six million jews to turn to skeletons before they died? No. Elie warns us against turning the other cheek and forgetting. apathy is always wrong, and can be one of the many roots of evil.
Good and evil. Another struggle that we learned when we were a child.
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siblino alek and his solstice Jan 18th, 2006 11:49:27 am - Subscribe
he's having fun building a solstice.
its 3rd lunch.
and hes in the library.
he exempted his 3rd period exam
so she sent him and rushing in to the library.
happy suprise!
:: dances ::
cant wait till this afternoon
:: dances again ::

i :: heart :: alek sooooo much. always and forever.
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siblino new colors for katherine Dec 30th, 2005 1:13:03 am - Subscribe
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siblino body jewlery Dec 29th, 2005 8:19:06 pm - Subscribe
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siblino dragons for my car Dec 29th, 2005 7:31:00 pm - Subscribe
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siblino slowly trying to kill myself Dec 21st, 2005 12:01:15 pm - Subscribe
semester exams are closing in. . .and im studying french. . .sort of. im mostly focusing on voice training and japanese. . .yeah. . .stuff im not getting a grade on. typical me.
today is the 21st. first day of winter. . .last day before xmas break. . .and five months alek and i have been going out. tonight we are going out to eat at china buffet and hanging out at my house. i wore his favorite outfit today, plaid skirt, san francisco top, knee high boots and makeup. alot of people said i look cute today. . .that makes me happy. . .
not as much as knowing alek still loves me though. . .
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siblino its cold Nov 1st, 2005 10:28:02 am - Subscribe
ok. . not that really. . .but it is slightly chilly
hopefully tomorrow ill be able to drive my car to school
then i can get here as early as i want to
that would be nice. . .
im at school
and ms johnson is letting us have a somewhat of a free day. . .
shes letting us work on any school work that we have
although i dont really have school work
im kinda playing snes. . .
:: shifty eyes ::
bell is going to ring. . .
btw. . alek looks really good with black hair.
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siblino so. . . Sep 12th, 2005 9:49:40 am - Subscribe
right now. . .im working on a project on Nikola Tesla. . .for ap english 3. yes. . .a little odd huh?
oh well. . .
i have a brownie craving. . .and i have a test in my next class. . .i think. . .
that would be french class.
urgh. . .i need a job
i have an interview thrusday for some food lion somewhere in indian trail. . .
its on old monroe road.
wherever that is
and. . .only 4 more days
untill i get my license
which is a good thing
i spent 25 hours with alek this weekend. . .hehe
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siblino oh how the memories sting Sep 9th, 2005 10:30:41 am - Subscribe
im currently sitting where sarah used to sit. . .
johnny would sit to my right. . .
i would sit behind them on the far right, until the computer completely and totally crashed.
then i would sit one seat to the left.
when i walked in (i was the first one in, i had the key) the round table where younger would sit was completely empty save two cards on the side farthest from me. when bridget walked in a few minutes later she almost cried. she took a picture of it.
i can still hear the raptor song in my head
i can still hear jason and adam with the third base song
i can still hear sarah and johnny rping on my site, torturing the heck out of one another. sarah doing most of the teasing.
hold on to memories, dont throw them away. . .even if they sting when you revisit them. . .
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siblino vocab words for ap Sep 8th, 2005 7:27:48 pm - Subscribe
"That is microcosm of the unfolding tragedy, but its potential impact is national in scope." countdown

n : a miniature model of something
mi·cro·cosm ( P ) Pronunciation Key (mkr-kzm)
A small, representative system having analogies to a larger system in constitution, configuration, or development: “He sees the auto industry as a microcosm of the U.S. itself” (William J. Hampton

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siblino x.x Aug 29th, 2005 6:22:46 pm - Subscribe
police chase...
Current Mood: indescribable
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ok im beyond upset...there has been a whole lot more drama already.. lets see.. sunday night, whitney spends the night.. and she hogged the phone talking to my boyfriend, kenneth, all night.. which got me pissed.. so i called lee and talked to him.. tried calling megan too.. but yeah i got mad that kenneth and her were flirting and all that shit.. so i wouldnt talk to kenneth.. so he told me he was coming over.. so i hung out til around midnight.. then he called, but couldnt come since the truck keys were missing.. so i drove down and got him, since we were supposed to talk.. but he wanted to pick up whitney.. i reluctantly got her and drove to a nearby place to park.. then i gotta outa the car and kenneth and me tried talking.. he sorta knew why i was mad since whitney told him.. bout him loving other girls and all that.. but yeah after that we dropped her off around 2am.. then kenneth and me drove off ourselves.. we finally pulled into a nearby parking place and talked.. sort of.. but yeah i told him i didnt really want him talking to amber.. which reminds me another reason i was pissed.. earlier that night, kenneth called me asking if i was anorexic..i told him no, and he said thats what amber told him.. hell that pissed me off... but back on topic..

i dropped him off at home around 2:30pm and went home.. then whitney and me went to bed.. then i recied a phone call around 3am from kym.. and she goes, "kitty you gotta get kenneth!! he's in trouble!!" when she said that, my heart froze and i said, "ooo shit" and literally jumped out of bed and into my car.. kym told me that he took his dad's truck for a drive and was speeding 100mph down 74 when the police followed him.. said said kenneth sped up and crahsed his truck into a field and took off running and he needed me to pick him up.. so i called him and he told me where to find him.. he said he had gashes all over himself from falling in the thrones and stuff.. and he kept saying, "baby im scared" which really scared me too.. but i finslly found him after driving past 4 cops.. and took him to his place.. on the way there he told me he was riding with amber.. he said she called him and wanted to go for a drive and kenneth couldnt sleep, so he decided to go.. then they drove around until the police chased them and then kenneth and her got out of the truck and started running but amber quit halfway and kenneth said he heard the police go, "freeze! put your damn fucking hands in the air!!" and kenneth kept running and amber was arrested.. so thats where i came in.. but we drove by his house to find all the lights on and we decided to drive to my house and sneak him to my room. i got him a pair of clothes from kyles room and we layed together on the floor while whitney slept on the bed.. so kenneth got at least 30 mins of sleep and i got an hour before all that.. but after all that stuff happened.. i took two pills to call me down and i didnt sleep at all. i just layed in his arms crying while apologized..

then i snuck him off to school and dropped kyle off.. turns out ryan called his cell saying that the police were coming to school to get him.. and i told kenneth to give upand stop running cuz itll make things worse.. so he agreed.. and we walked to the rotc room and hung out there with kym.. then he told everyone about it like it was some fricken joke which pissed me off...cuz it still fricken scared the crap outa all of us..and the fact... i told him not to hang with amber, and he did that same fricken night.. which broke my heart..

but yeah then we went to first period and i saw him come into the rotc room with the resource officer... and then we didnt see him.. we also noticed amber wasnt at school.. heather, ambers best friend, said that amber was sick at home with the flu and was throwing up.. and we were like.. suure... hmm oo and jordan talked to me.. im suprised, the hottest guy in school talked to me.. he probally wants to date megan again or sum crap like that.. but ne wayz after 1st period i saw kenneth and hugged him.. turns out he has a court date and was charged with all that.. so he's probally not getting his lisence til he's 18 and stuff like that.. they also said if he was 16n he could have been arrested like amber was.. so i was relieved somewhat. but i wrote him a letter and walked with him to lunch before he went to class.. he also has colorgaurd afterschool..but i dunno if he's staying..since he hasnt been home and his parents will kill him.. .and the fact him and amber are both colorguard commanders.. and yeah i dont think they're going to be doing that ne time soon.. but the rest of my day went sucky.. we worked hard and i have loads of homework that i dunno how to do.. plus megan ran off with trey at lunch.. so i chilled with amanda.. turns out she got in a fist fight today.. and she punched renee.. hahah that evil biznitch deserved it..

but yeahh then on my way to the car, megan told me that she saw kenneth in the office again during fourth period.. so more drama is going on.. which im nervous about..

ne wayz.. i also am grounded.. since whitney was "missing" this morning and my dad said she cant come to school with me.. turns out she was somewhere in the house.. and im still grounded..

this week just sucks... seriously...

& sometimes someone can mean so much to you that not even the truth can change your mind

<|3 kitty

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siblino tehehe Apr 29th, 2005 9:50:22 pm - Subscribe
pyroking61636 (9:41:19 PM): geez i know my ball got dropped but gah...
Siblino Majarah (9:42:23 PM): rotflmao
Siblino Majarah (9:42:40 PM): well your ego had to grow after bridget fondled it
pyroking61636 (9:43:18 PM): yea, but good did it her when it was dropped
pyroking61636 (9:43:22 PM): god*
Siblino Majarah (9:43:47 PM): XD
Siblino Majarah (9:43:59 PM): and probably after blake stroked it
pyroking61636 (9:44:21 PM): that's to far lil one
Siblino Majarah (9:44:32 PM): O:-) but he did
pyroking61636 (9:44:39 PM): hadnt got that in a while
pyroking61636 (9:44:59 PM): lil one
pyroking61636 (9:45:13 PM): lol
pyroking61636 (9:45:56 PM): i'm j/k with u kate geez
Siblino Majarah (9:46:06 PM): lol
pyroking61636 (9:46:09 PM): and yes blake did stroke my ball
pyroking61636 (9:46:40 PM): unfortunately
Siblino Majarah (9:46:44 PM): yeah
Siblino Majarah (9:46:51 PM): it was a little. . .odd
pyroking61636 (9:47:12 PM): if it would have been just bridget it would have bben ok...but blake...gahhhhhhhh
Siblino Majarah (9:47:21 PM): he did cross the line
pyroking61636 (9:47:33 PM): yes yes he did
Siblino Majarah (9:47:46 PM): and just imagine. . they were both playing with you ball
pyroking61636 (9:48:06 PM): at least they werent fighting over it
Siblino Majarah (9:48:16 PM): that would have hurt
pyroking61636 (9:48:27 PM): yes.. yes it would have
Siblino Majarah (9:48:43 PM): maybe even more than when bridget dropped it
Siblino Majarah (9:48:50 PM): at least they didnt have all three of them
pyroking61636 (9:49:01 PM): i wasnt gonna go there
Siblino Majarah (9:49:08 PM): XD
pyroking61636 (9:49:17 PM): but u had 2
Siblino Majarah (9:49:34 PM): of corse
pyroking61636 (9:49:44 PM): but yea
pyroking61636 (9:50:20 PM): had to protect my other balls dont need those getting dropped ohh wait i dropped them ...oh well
pyroking61636 (9:50:53 PM): yea the ball bridget was playin with almost hit younger at one point
Siblino Majarah (9:51:52 PM): yeah a saw. . .that would have hurt . . .x.x
pyroking61636 (9:52:18 PM): uh huh:: grabs balls""
pyroking61636 (9:52:23 PM): ::*
Siblino Majarah (9:52:33 PM): good idea
pyroking61636 (9:52:41 PM): all 5 of them

** just so you know. . .we were talking about tennis balls. . . not his balls. . .x.x
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siblino a really funneh story. . to me at least Mar 23rd, 2005 4:59:18 pm - Subscribe
AirForceChic8389 (5:49:48 PM): reprimand has to do with the judicial system and stuffu like that...well we were talking bout the 8th amendment - he said the way to remember cruel and unusual punishment was with this story0
AirForceChic8389 (5:50:00 PM): he said that:
Siblino Majarah (5:50:00 PM): what stry\\
Siblino Majarah (5:50:25 PM): x.x
AirForceChic8389 (5:50:43 PM): these two guys liked this girl, but she didnt like any of them and told the this . well they got pissed off and decided to rape and beat her.
AirForceChic8389 (5:50:58 PM): wso they did and cut her up and raped her for 4 days
Siblino Majarah (5:51:43 PM): O.O
AirForceChic8389 (5:51:46 PM): then they ran out of town. once she told the court this, the judge said that the guys would either have the death penalty or be castrated
Siblino Majarah (5:51:56 PM): CASTRATION!
AirForceChic8389 (5:52:05 PM): sooo the guys said CASTRATION! LMAO
Siblino Majarah (5:52:10 PM): O.o
Siblino Majarah (5:52:18 PM): wow. . .thats sad. . .x.x
AirForceChic8389 (5:52:59 PM): but b4 the surgery began the laq stoped it sayin it was cruel and unusal.. so the way to remember the 8th amendment of cruel punishments is if u turn the 8 sideways its a guys balls! LMAO!
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siblino >.> Mar 17th, 2005 2:39:36 pm - Subscribe
The sun was just rising over the far off desert, but the heat of the day was already evident. Most of the inhabitants of the village remained in their cottages where it was cooler. There was one, however, who thrived in the warm weather. She was not blonde and pale like the other villagers. Her skin was tanned to a dark hue. A light breeze combed through her long dark brown hair. She sat upon an old wooden fence, watching the sun as it made its way into the sky. She wasn’t paying much attention to what was going on around her though.
Her mind drifted from one thought to another she often spent her mornings this way. It was the only thing she could do. She always felt as if she was an outcast. People tended to shy away from her whenever they could. They only difference besides her skin and hair that she could find between herself and the others were her slightly pointed ears. She never understood the big deal; but then again hardly anyone talked to her.
“Siblino!” she turned her head to where the voice was coming from, and saw one of the village kids running towards her. “Siblino! You’ve been summoned! And hurry!”
She did not need to be told to hurry. Even she knew that being summoned was something that only happened to a few people. She jumped off of the old fence and began to sprint towards the village square.
Her mind was racing with explanations of why she was being summoned. Maybe he was finally kicking her out of the village to let her die in the desert, or to be consumed by rabid wolves in the forest.
Within moments she was standing in front of the Temple of Creation. All around it laid charred bones of people who thought they could enter at their leisure. Warily she stepped over the remains and though the entrance of the temple. Purple candles suspended in the air by black chains provided the only light in the narrow corridor. Through the dim light she could see pieces of parchment paper that covered the walls. She took a closer look and noticed scribbles and sketches that took up every available space on the parchment. All of it was written in a language that was foreign to her.
“Welcome, Siblino . . .” A voice on the other side of the door called after her. Warily she placed her hand on the brass door handle and pulled it open.
The small room was full of purple candles and parchment paper. On an intricately carved wooden chair sat dressed in a purple cloak was the creator himself, Mr. Harris. He sat upon his chair with a slight smile on his face.
“I suppose you are wondering why I have called you here today, Siblino Majarah. It is time for you to leave this village. Do not try to argue with me, for I feel that you are unhappy here. Am I right?”
She looked down at the stone floor as a hand went up and traced the rim of her ear.
“Ah, I see.” He nodded and watched her for a moment before going on. “You are not meant to be here. Trust me when I say this, the world is going to need your help someday. But until then, you need to become stronger. Otherwise you will be ill prepared for the challenges that will be presented to you in the future.” He paused leaving Siblino looking at the floor like a child would while being scolded. “When you leave this place, Siblino, you will not be welcome back until your life’s purpose has been fulfilled.”
She rose her head quickly at those words. “And if I come back?”
Mr. Harris sat still for a second as he pondered the thought. “You did see the bones outside of my temple, did you not?” A grin came over his face as he spoke, making Siblino nervous. She took two steps backward and turned to run when he spoke up again.
“You really think you can survive out there?” When she turned to look at him her eyes fell upon a sword in a royal blue and black sheath in his outstretched hand. Without a word she carefully lifted the weapon out of his hands and secured it over her shoulder. Not once did she look at him. He watched on as she exited his temple and sighed deeply. “The fate of the world rests on her shoulders.” He shook his head slowly. “I hate not having complete control.”

She looked around at what she had called home for a little over a decade. Her room was bare except for a shield she had found in the woods when she was younger. She lifted it from the corner and wiped the dust off with a sweep of her hand. It was a nice silver shield with an intricate blue and black design of what looked like the silhouette of a dragon, except it did not have any legs. It was rather large, but she felt she would get used to it eventually. She equipped it along with a brown satchel full of emeralds, which she tied around her waist.
She stood in the middle of her room, taking it all in one last time. Even if no one talked to her, she would still miss this place. It was, after all, her home. One last glance was taken before she pulled the door closed for the final time.

No one bid her farewell as she left Aviano. No one even noticed her absence. It was as if she had never been there. That made her wonder about what Mr. Harris had told her. If no one cared, or even knew about her, then how would the world need her help? And besides, she was just one person who didn’t even have any useable skills. She shrugged the thought off and continued on down the sunny pathway, enjoying the summer weather and beautiful view of the wooded path.
Maybe, she thought, a new village would provide a new start. Maybe this time they would not judge her because of her ears.
The sun was high in the sky when she saw the first signs of life on the trail. She looked further down the path and saw the top of thatched roofs in a clearing. She sprinted up the rest of the hill and looked down upon the rather large town. Carts of every size were going though the main road as large crowds lined the streets. She felt relieved that a town was so close to her own. She began her decent down the hill at a sprint, eager to see for the first time what the real world was like.
Siblino had a hard time finding her way through the crowds that gathered in front of the various stands. The people here seemed to not care about anyone else. Just like home. It didn’t bother her all that much. It was the first town she has come upon. And there could be someone here that would pay attention to her.
As she made her way though the town, she saw an odd creature perched on top of a wooden crate. It was a slender animal, with a face that could have been mistaken for a bunny. Its large brown eyes made contact with Siblino’s, and it mewed softly to her.
“Aw . . . it’s so cute.” She approached the animal slowly and held her hand out. The cat like creature rubbed against her hand and began to purr loudly. Its two tails waved in the wind. They reminded her of what a fox’s tail looked like. Its white fur felt like silk under her hand. “I would think something as pretty as you are would have a home.” Siblino played with the little one’s floppy ears and laughed softly as it shook its head in protest.
“So that’s where you went off to.” The animal perked up at the sound of its master’s voice. “Suki.” a youthful looking boy scooped his pet up in his arms and held her close to his chest. “Looks like you found yourself a friend.” He looked up and smiled towards Siblino, who gave him a half smile in return.
“I was just making my way through the crowds when I spotted her.”
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siblino >.< civics hmwk Mar 10th, 2005 8:03:28 pm - Subscribe
Senate defeats minimum-wage plans
Clash unfolds as part of debate on overhaul of bankruptcy laws
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Senate defeated dueling proposals Monday to raise the $5.15-an-hour minimum wage -- one backed by organized labor, the other salted with pro-business provisions -- in a day of skirmishing that reflected Republican gains in last fall's elections.
Both plans fell well short of the 60 votes needed to advance, and signaled that prospects for raising the federal wage floor, unchanged since 1996, are remote during the current two-year Congress.
Republicans countered with a smaller increase, $1.10 in two steps over 18 months, they said would help workers without hampering the creation of jobs needed to help those with low skills. "Wages do not cause sales. Sales are needed to provide wages. Wages do not cause revenue. Revenue drives wages," said Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyoming.
The Democratic amendment was defeated, with 46 votes for and 49 against. The GOP alternative fell by a wider margin, 38 for and 61 against.
Senate passes new bankruptcy bill
Law makes it more difficult for consumers to avoid debts
The Associated Press
Updated: 7:12 p.m. ET March 10, 2005
WASHINGTON - The Senate passed legislation Thursday that will make it harder for Americans to rid themselves of debt by filing for bankruptcy.
The House is expected to pass the measure next month, delivering to President Bush a second victory this year on pro-business legislation he had sought.
The vote was 74-25 to approve the most thorough overhaul of bankruptcy laws in a quarter-century.
“The short answer is fairness,” declared Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah. “Those who can pay their bills should pay their bills. That’s the American way.”

Congressional and industry backers of the legislation have been pushing for it for eight years but it repeatedly got stalled. This year, with Republican majorities increased in both the House and Senate in last November’s elections, the bill’s fortunes reversed.

Before the vote and in Senate deliberations over much of the last 10 days, majority Republicans knocked down Democratic attempts to ease the impact of the legislation on people facing huge debts they cannot pay down, including single parents, the unemployed and the ill.
The Senate instead handed Wall Street investment firms a bonus, defeating a Democratic amendment that would have restricted their ability to work for companies both before and after those companies file for bankruptcy.
Senators acted against the advice of Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman William Donaldson, who said such a restriction was needed to build up investor confidence shaken by Enron, WorldCom and other corporate scandals.

For two straight days, Democratic opponents tried to soften the bill’s impact on single parents and other groups, and to restrict credit industry practices that lawmakers said especially hurt the poor.
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siblino stuffs Mar 9th, 2005 4:16:12 pm - Subscribe
- in a realm beyond sight -
- the sky shines gold, not blue -
- there, the Triforce's might -
- makes mortal dreams come true -
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siblino stuffs Mar 9th, 2005 12:23:46 pm - Subscribe
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