Date: Sep 27th, 2005 12:33:57 pm - Subscribe
Mood: nervous wreck
music: the sounds of my class

Sleep has pretty much been the only thing on my mind today. >>; Maybe that's because I stayed up all night, but oh well. So far in today's events!:

Algebra II - Got to sleep because everyone was taking a test and I didn't have to. ^-^ Hoorah.

Peer Tutoring - Made the perilous, exhausting trek over to the elementary school to help the EC class. I love those kids.

Bible as History - I'm currently in this class. And I already finished my paper for the class. I guess I got in the writing mood.

But, I'm a nervous wreck anyway. I want to talk to Pat when I get home, to make sure his flight was okay and everything. I really, really want to talk to him now. Stupid school and their blocked e-mail.

Anyway, bell's going to ring. I'll update later, maybe.
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