Date: Aug 29th, 2008 4:14:45 pm - Subscribe
Mood: forlorn.

A brief meditation on why I hate everything right now:

- I am sick. I feel like my head is encased in a glass fishbowl.

- People annoy me. Especially children. Especially the sound of their voices. This is problematic given my job choice.

- Today is the last day of work, which, while being a good thing, also kind of sucks because I don't think I will see any of these people again and it reinforces the fact that I have to start EVERYTHING over again in less than a week.

- I'm feeling completely alone, and to top that off nicely, everyone that matters to me is off having fun in BC.

Things I've learned the hard way:
- Never go anywhere without kleenex or the like. EVER.
- Hauling it out of bed earlier and having breakfast results in a much better day than sleeping until you nearly miss the bus.
- Travel when you have the opportunity.
- Don't learn the same lesson twice.

More to come, probably.

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