Tuesday and no school
Date: Jan 16th, 2007 6:35:20 pm - Subscribe
Mood: discontent
What do you want?: Something hot, like my rice

A real snow-day, it's astonishing. This is real snow, there's around three inches of it on the ground and when it was still falling the flakes were big and fluffy and coming down fast. I've missed the snow, so I guess I got my wish, I am disappointed that they cancelled school though, that would have been fun. Everyone else in my house is asleep, so I went outside and made a snowman, and am now waiting for my ninety second rice.

We've been having this writer come into our psychology class at school and work with us. He had everyone write a story he collected them a week after winter break and he's going to put them in a book that we all get a copy of. I know it's not a big thing, just a bunch of high school kid's stories in one place, but it's nice to think that I'm going to be published. I like the idea, so I've been thinking lately that maybe I would do something with all of my stories and poems that I've written for myself. I know I won't, but again it's a nice idea.

My rice is done, off to find the soy sauce.
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