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inevertold inspiration - Subscribe
after watchin one tree hill i decided to set up yet another of these.
having one of those "nothing" days, where u just do nothing, think nothing, say nothing.

half term. revision. damn.

its raining yet again, how come whenever u have holidays u get crap weather?
gotta walk through that later. wheres the umbrella?

listen to grand theft autumn by fall out boy. ive had it on repeat for at least 3 hours. its just one of those songs, a good one.

"where is you boy tonight? i hope he is a gentleman"

Mood: nothing
Today im listening to...: Grand theft autumn...fall out boy

inevertold i never made a scene.. Feb 12th, 2005 3:22:05 pm - Subscribe
god, watching the baftas..what a crap year of film it was! i dont rememeber going to the cinema once last year. though i must have done cause i have a load of stubs from tickets. haha.
im now babysitting. it didnt rain. i didnt get wet. i loved the walk actually...i love walking at night, with the stars and the clouds, and its so cold it makes you feel really fresh.

babysitting is a drag though, i think i have an eating disorder..all i do is eat and eat. yet i dont get fat. i recon one day ill wake up and ill have fallen through the ceiling ill be that fat. haha. that would be great.

why do women at awards wear dresses they cant walk in, when they know they have to walk? proves that actresses are mindless. ha.

time to check on the baby.

Mood: beat
Today im listening to...: (in my head im singing) - this photograph is proof - taking back sunday

inevertold 3rd one today Feb 12th, 2005 3:49:08 pm - Subscribe
just been looking through everyone elses blogs, and you've all used ure fancy html shit to do stuff to them. i really should learn. or if anyone out there is willing to show me how...just the changing my background, or the font colour or something....
Mood: jealous
Today im listening to...: still singing in my head - im not okay - my chemical romance

inevertold standing on the edge of morning.. Feb 13th, 2005 12:59:27 pm - Subscribe
today was good. amy came over and we decided to make origami, it soon became apparent we sucked. so we stopped haha. then after the bastard rain stopped we went down to the cafe and did lunch...very sex and the city.
then we went to the video store and annoyed charlotte for hours, rented the confessions of a teenage drama queen...ive never been so dissapointed, lol. the poorest film ever. dont rent it. dont dont dont.
eurgh, i need to shower and such the like. i also need to make this blog better. i also need to start revising. or maybe not.
oooo new found glory tomorrow hopefully, its either feast or famine with gigs. and dresden dolls on friday! yay.
i am going to be so so poor.

still got that fall out boy song in my head. along with something corporate...ahh they bring back memories of the summer. happy.gif

Mood: whiney
Today im listening to...: i wanna save you - something corporate

inevertold ive always been impressed Feb 13th, 2005 4:33:57 pm - Subscribe
dave - the ex...txt me...he;s being a jerk right now. i dont understand guys. at all. full stop. i guess i should explain what happened with him at some point..otherwise future rambles wont make sense.
the latest is he thinks i dont want to be friends with him, and he "isnt used to going from one extreme to the other", and i kinda get that. but i think cause i was never into him as much as he was into me i wont know where he's coming from.
i know it sounds mean but i just want to put it in the past..put a lid on it all and forget about it. its stupid to dwell on a tiny relationship that lasted no more than 4 weeks and act like its the end of the world that its over.
i always thought it was girls who were the ones who never want to let go..turns out i was wrong.

maybe i should see him face to face. tell him straight. but i dnt want to come across harsh and heartless.

valentines day tomorrow. woop. ill just block it out. if i can. love sucks. it seems so pointless at my 18 for christs sake. i have years and years to fall in love. why is everyone settling down?

"so wreckless, so thoughtless..i could care less"
^ slowdance on the inside by taking back sunday...listen to it right now guys, its just. just right.

Mood: careless
Today im listening to...: taking back sunday - slowdance on the inside