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wat a day

Apr 23rd, 2005 5:00:10 pm - Subscribe

wow, i had suchhh a good day today.
was my friends18th birthday BBQ party and it was just so lovelyto have everyone all together..hasnt been like that in a long time.
i love all you guys so so much!!!!!
i ate ffaaaar too much and now i feel ill.
then paddykins gave me a ride to babysitting...god i love him...the cutest lil thing ever..dont get me wrongi dont fancy him..hes as gay as they come...but if he wasnt....hehe. and we have a new found similar passion...rufus wainwright. happy.gif

i so need to go out and just make out with someone. u kno when ur just in the mood to have one of those amazing kisses u dont forget for days?

ive been reliving all the old flames ive kissed and its nice to look back and remember them all.
all the amazing ones..and the not so amazing ones.
theres one guy..who was just wow, and i so need to just go make out with him and get it out of my system again. haha. one day soon!
gonna go read my book now....reading requiem for a dream. well just started it really. tis good so far though.

peace out.

mood: really really happy n little horny, haha
Today im listening to...: ermm nothing
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