miss this place
Date: Apr 14th, 2006 5:24:19 pm - Subscribe
Mood: challenged

i kinda miss this place

my own little whine blog
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lord of the beans was really intersting
Date: Dec 1st, 2005 4:04:12 pm - Subscribe
Mood: asleep

well i thought today was the worst day of my life but it turned out alright
i spent like 2 hours throwing a football around w/ isaac it was fun and did that again today haha i'm easily amused
oh and we totally dug up some huge rock that looked like foundation but whatever we dug it up and put it back in then put four little stones around it
wow easily amused kids we are
i'm telling you

i'm gonna have venison stew tonight ;;; i'm excited!!!! cuz it's my favorite woot woot!

ok since i'm not mourning my life anymore i wont say much else here

i hope carlos feels better he's always so upset about everything cuz his mom's pregnant ... hope it all works out

das ist alles
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why? just why?!
Date: Nov 28th, 2005 5:44:15 pm - Subscribe
Mood: pissed off

why do boys have to be so stuborn

blamin me for everything

i was trying to learn to play my bass w/ my brother - he plays guitar- so he has no music so he says go get that music so i did

and he gives up the first couple of times

and then when i have difficulties - the learner - i get blamed for either saying nothing or talking at the wrong time and not 'listening'

why! is he like that! just! why!!!!

God why?! just why?! this isn't fair at all right now i'd say i hate him but my faith in you says no hating alowed gosh! grrr!!!!!

-annoyed- angry.gif cry.gif
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Why Does Rain Make Me Cry?
Date: Sep 27th, 2005 12:39:46 am - Subscribe
Mood: poetic

um it rained like a lot today and it made me miss the old days w/ my friends

Why Does Rain Make Me Cry?

i feel as if i'm 1000 miles away
in another country where i can
only reach my friends by mail
or communication
i feel like i never see them until
great occasions happen
i never get to see them
i knew we'd all be going in
different schools in the end
i knew we'd get in fights and
hate each other
i knew it would happen but i
miss them so much
and i love them and miss
the days we'd get in trouble
the days when we would
prank our buddies
i miss it all
now i'm going to cry my
eyes out over memories
why does rain make me cry?
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tired and sick of everything
Date: Sep 3rd, 2005 11:08:31 pm - Subscribe
Mood: zonked

wow how long has it been since i updated on this
like a month or maybe 3
i feel bad for those peeps in LA - New Orleans and stuff
it sucks but then God is going to work out something I really hope and pray people find God in this catastrophe and that we will reach all in need

besides that i've been eating like a horse for the past week i feel so fat and overweight and i swear i am i'm tall but i can't keep it down and everyone at my church is doing this thing called the maker's diet and i have to agree w/ sara on this I CAN NOT STAND THESE CHURCH whatcha call it everyone does it and if you don't youre stupid!? FADS OR TRENDS-- tha's it --Gosh it's so stupid!!! because of that i'm constantly checking to see if i'm doing good ; not fair my friend

i spent the night w/ some friends last ngiht and they were all like i'm waiting for god to drop a guy in front of me they really want a bf and i'm like why? siingle is great cuz eventually you get hurt unless you have a perfect relationship to last for the rest of your life which doesn't happen that often

i feel like they're too shadowed and don't see the other side i'm like whatever i dont know maybe its cuz i'm so secluded as a homeschooler my o my

i'm tired and got no sleep so i'm gonna wrap it up

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