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inthemood intro... - Subscribe
well, this is my first time here and i want to say a special hello to all those beautiful poeple out there who make my life miserable... wink.gif and of course,my frends...(lol!) to my future readers... join me as u journey through the dark recess of my so called life!
today i want 2 leave u with this oem i wrote.

if only one kiss...
one touch from you,
i would forever delight in a love so true...
but the taste of a kiss fades,
and a touch does too.
so, in the wind blows my love for you...

if only i can feel you near...
to hold you and whisper in your ear,
i would hang my love on every word,
as the feelins within my heart are stirred...
but in my heart no feelings lie,
and i only whisper an empty' goodbye'
words take flight, as feelings do...
as in the wind blows my love for you.

tell me wat u think aight?
grin.gif grin.gif grin.gif grin.gif
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inthemood yesterday... Mar 16th, 2007 8:59:37 am - Subscribe
a little history for those interested.
i'm an eighteen year old A level student at a local school in the beautiful island of trinidad and tobago. (the peeps from the UK can identify with this A levels thing but for the fans in the U.S.,A levels is like a diploma program that you have to complete after high school, before university.)
anyway... i have a SERIOUSLY overprotective mother,(its so bad that i have to give 2 weeks notice if i want to go out! no lie!) and i'm just starting to actually enjoy life. (my high school years were traggic.)
but, like i always say, i have beautiful people by my side who always make me smile. for them i am thankful.
everybody else could ROT IN HELL!
Yesterday was kinda slow but i survived.
my real good friend didnt come to school (she had a good excuse though) and everyone else had classes when i was free.
so, beside the little chit chat here and there, i was BORED OUT OF MY MIND!
i guess u expect me to say that i used this 'quiet time' for some introspection.
well... youre wrong! after finishing my assignments and creating this blog, i simply spent the evening daydreaming bout a guy in my class (details later)
so that's it for now. will leave you with another poem hope you like it! grin.gif happy.gif its dedicated to a friend of mine who had arecnt break up.

time is supposed to heal your wounds,
but let me kiss your lips in the mean time.
let me make you feel good...
take your mind off those people that dont matter anymore.

you are supposed to feel better in the morning,
but let me spend the night.
let me love your body right and make your head spin
to ease the tension in your muscle and the heavines in your heart

you are supposed to forgive and forget,
but let me help you remember.
the fun times, the good things...
that always make you smile
to take that frown off your face that youve been wearing all day.

this experience is supposed to make you strong.
but let me help yu feel weak...
let me be your shoulder to cry on...
to help you shed the sorrows in your eyes and heart,
and help you feel better again...

let me do it...
i will to it for you.
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inthemood i really in the mood Mar 19th, 2007 1:32:31 pm - Subscribe
today is not a good day. why? i feel for lovin and i not getting none!!!!!!!!!
anybody wanna help me with that?
sad.gif sad.gif
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inthemood have you ever....? Mar 20th, 2007 12:45:45 pm - Subscribe
have you ever been in a crowd yet felt so lonely and alone that it was maddening?

have you ever been alone and felt so clustered that you wanted to scream?

have you ever felt so good about love that you wanted to be in love forever, and let the whole world know?

have you ever hated love so much that you wanted to strangle every happy couple in sight?

have you ever...?

i did a lot of thinking today. i thought a lot about life and what really matters and all that kinda shit and all it did was simply reinforce my philosophy of living for today.
yesterday is just that,yesterday.
so when people attempt to resurrect my mistakes or the mistakes of others it makes me want to kick thier teeth in simply because... we cannot undo whta has been done. we can only try to make things better. so dwelling in the past doesnt make any sense.
i thought about other things too. like my goals in life and stuff and then i thought about the fact that despite all the plans we will ever make, one little thing can happen and in a moment our future is gone...
but that does not stop us from dreaming or living.thats the good part. happy.gif
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inthemood when i do kiss u... Mar 22nd, 2007 8:01:43 am - Subscribe
i havent yet for reasons of your own
but soon im sure youll tire from being alone
u havent recovered from the pain of the past
you show me affection behind a wall of glass
but when i do finally kiss u...
u will realize at last my heart was true... grin.gif

tupac shakur

why is it that we are so unwilling to open up and commit to someone new?
why are we so afraid of being intimate?
not just physically...(get your mind out the gutter!) but emotionally.
i must admit that am very guilty of being a commitment phobic... freak but i must also admit that it is not healthy.
time and again i've realized that i've missed out on a number of possibly wonderful relationships simply because i was to afraid to open up to someone else.
i dont think i want to do that anymore....

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