Date: Mar 22nd, 2007 1:00:00 pm - Subscribe
Mood: in love

i've been here all day. chatting, doing work,thinking things over...
you know the usual.
then i started thinking about love and that reminded me of another poem i like by tupac.

my dearest one...
there are no words to express
how much i truly care
so many times i fantasize
of feeling we can share
my heart has nevr known
the joy you bring to me
as if GOD knew what i wanted
and made you a reality
i'd die 2 hold or 2 kiss you
or merely see your face
my stomach quivers,my body shivers
and my heart increases pace.
to give me money or lots of gold
would not be the same to me
so i prayed and watched the distant stars
and finally you came to me...

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alienanchovies - March 22nd, 2007
whats with the myspace stuff?


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