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"I've never met anyone I'd classify as self-aware: It's been my experience that most extroverted people think that they're introverts, and many introverted people make a similarly wrong-headed juxtaposition about being extroverts. Maybe that's why extroverts won't shut up (because htey always fear they're not talking enough) while introverts just sit on the couch and do nothing (beacuse they assume everybody is waiting for them to be quiet). People have no clue about their genuine nature. I have countless friends who describe themselves as "cynical," and they're all wrong. True cynics would never classify themselves as such, because it would mean that they know their view of the world is unjustly negative; despite their best efforts at being grumpy; a self-described cynic is secretly optimistic about normal human nature. Individuals who are truly cynical will always insist that they're pragmatic. The same goes for anyone who claims to be "creative." If you define your pesonality as creative, it only means you understand what is perceived to be creative by the world at large, so you're really just following a rote creative template. That's the opposite of creative."
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