Date: Mar 17th, 2005 3:29:20 am - Subscribe
Mood: cocky

must remind myself when i have a heart, let it beat silently. don't open myself to attacks when its quite obvious that the battle has ended.

must remember that the best humanitarian deed is to remain constant and steadfast in my own judgements and remember that the underlining truth is this:

you are a megalomanic, more altrusive than most -- and your narcissim will in the end eat you alive.

let's the get the record straight:
i really did try to mend ways and now you have a new version to hate.

its good when people have someone to hate. i'm proud you've transfered your funds, was wondering when you'd over draft in insecurity.

best honor in the world and i wouldn't dignify it with a response other than

you can go fuck yourself, earnestly kiddo.
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I will disembowel you with my middle finger.
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