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Date: Mar 2nd, 2005 3:30:15 am - Subscribe
Mood: wacky

sometimes just a little bit of attention is needed.

i've been fixated on clothing and how quickly that changes your instant speculation of someone. i'd rather not think that i can fit into every single catagory -- in fact yesterday while i was hanging with richard and celeste -- it was funny and interesting.

i was discussing alex (which i honestly don't want to go into just because it's so drama-esque)...and richard blurts out "What kind of friends do you hang out with anyway? I mean you have a napolean dynamite on yr rear view mirror..." i let it stop there. simply put i don't like stereotypes. i've reached that impeccable age where justifying my ego by perception and fitting into a clique is not enough, why set limits and boundries by what you like and who you regulate yourself to?

seems kind of boring if you ask me.

i fit stereotypes if only to surivive and i find it fastinating that perception stands 10 feet before i even enter the room.

besides -- stereotypes are fun -- finding out that you are not extrodinary is okay with me, it's kind of narrowed down to 33 persona types -- and for the most part its interesting.

i'm not that insecure about myself -- i have my own doubts, which is good -- brings me down to earth. i just can't stand people that are opague.

27 is a good age for me.
i am pretty much secure with my body, i'm confident with how its formed, i like the way it feels, my heights gonna be this way for the rest of my life, and i'm dealing w/my curviness and not wanting to starve it to death and whittle it away.

oh and i don't care how idiotic i look when i dance.

sometimes attention is good every once in a while, y'know?
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