So I'm back.
Date: Oct 17th, 2008 12:19:25 am - Subscribe
Mood: daunted

With a completely different internet nick I am going by. Called poewwo.

It's pronounced, po-wo.
Note that the e is silent.

I chose that nick because it was based of an old stick figure cartoon character I did in a comic way back in 1992.

During the 2008 year, I have been going on a nick changing spree, creating too much youtube and gmail accounts trying to decide on what nick to stick with.

Well I was on the bus home and something hit me in the head about which one to choose and it was this one.

Yeah it might sound similar or related something that annoys me but hay, it's a no-win situation here so no matter which nick I choose, it will always sound similar that may relate to something annoying and gave up trying to come up with a nick that doesn't.

So here you go. Even by me looking at this new nick of mine, it sounds confusing because of the "e" in it.

I'm not perfect you know.

Time for me to sleep.

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