I love flying and I have done ever since I was a boy.
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Has flying been unfairly demonised?

Indeed, I still remember the day a friend of mine brought an impossibly exotic treasure into our primary school classroom. It was one of those plastic packets of miniature “travel essentials” from some now defunct airline – Pan American or BOAC.

I can’t remember exactly what it contained – nylon socks, an eye-shade and a perfumed face wipe in a foil wrap perhaps. That wasn’t the point. What made my friend’s little plastic package so fabulous was that it was proof that my friend had actually flown in a plane.

It was three years before I flew for the first time – a family holiday to Morocco when I was about 10. Of course I’ve flown hundreds of times since then – most recently on my Mission to Mumbai – but I still enjoy every flight.

My problem is that a year of carbon-counting as Ethical Man brought home just what an environmental disaster flying is – my family’s one trip to the Canaries last year created as much carbon as a year of driving our car.

That’s why I’ve posed my deliberately provocative question. I want to know if it is possible to fly with a clear conscience.

So here’s the good news: when you look at the numbers, modern jet aeroplanes are actually a very efficient form of transport.

Indeed, the jet engine is one of the most effective ways to convert the energy from fuel into thrust. The best jets are 37 per cent efficient. By contrast it seems modern petrol engines are around 25 per cent efficient while a finely tuned diesel will achieve, at best, 32 per cent efficiency.

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The software offers increased productivity as well as flexibility
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10 Tips For Using Adobe Photoshop

Like a brush is to a painter an essential skill in the field of graphic design is Photoshop. The software offers increased productivity as well as flexibility. The features include aspects like file browser, vanishing point tool, smart sharpen filter, noise reduction filter, smart objects, as well as camera workflow enhancements. Photoshop offers professional photo editing features, digital imaging, as well as non destructive editing.

There are so many hidden features and insights to software, that it is often impossible to know them all.

1. There is a hidden option using which you can simulate bold and italic formatting styles for fonts that do not have these options. Click the button on the type tool option to bring up the character palette. Then select text and click the arrow in the upper right hand corner of the palette menu where faux bold and italics are present. However you will not be able to warp type when formatting has been applied.

2. One can quickly flip through blend modes while trying out effects by using the keys "shift+ to change to next mode and shift- to go to the previous mode." When a painting tool is active this shortcut will change the blend mode of the painting tool. However, if anything is highlighted then the shortcut will not work. You will have press esc and then use the shortcut keys again.

3. The photomerge feature can be used to seamlessly combine multiple images to create a panorama. This feature can be accessed from the Automate menu. You can even refine the composition using tools like rotate, zoom, pan, and set vanishing point.

4. When re-sampling images one can use either Bicubic Smoother or Bicubic Sharper. You can use Bicubic smoother for up sampling and Bicubic sharper for down sampling. You can actually specify which interpolation method is to be used by going to general preferences and setting a default.

5. There are two features for printing. You can use contact sheet II or picture package. Use contact sheet when you want all images in the same size and you want to print the name below the image. Use printer package when you want different image sizes on the same page, or multiple copies of the same image, or a text overlay.

6. If you want to remove a glare on the eyeglasses of an image you should use a part of the lens that does not have a glare and use it to layer the lens with a glare. Use tools like rotate and skew and soft-tip eraser to soften the edges. Ensure the glare does not show through from below. Or, do some careful work using the clone tool.

7. The online services enable you to connect to online photo printing and sharing sites.

8. The Web Photo gallery can generate hyperlink pages that can be uploaded to a server.

9. The Picture Package option will help you prepare photos in layout with multiple size prints on one page.

10. You will never forget how you achieved a certain result because the History Log will detail every step taken by you as well as time-tracking, and a legal record. There are three choices wherein, you can create a sessions only record where, it will record only when Photoshop is opened or closed; or a concise record which will record each action including the text that appears in the history palette; or the complete editing history including the text that appears in the actions palette.

Adobe Photoshop is a dream tool for every designer and one can over time master every subtlety of the tool and crop, rotate, resize, create shapes, add layers, change text, and play with colors. It is a hands on software where the more you use it the more you will learn.

About the Author: Paul Wilson is a freelance writer for Free Software Downloads, the premier website to find Free Software Downloads including free anti-virus software, free spyware detection software, free toolbars, free chat software and more. He also freelances for Free Online Games site.

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With Rollback Rx, you have an instantaneous recovery solution from virus attacks
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Link TextInstantaneous Recovery From Virus Attacks With Rollback Rx

by: Jacob Henderson

If you think why use Rollback Rx, think again. Keeping an organization’s computers continuously online and fully functional is stressful work. Even huge corporations are sometimes at a loss to know what to do if there’s a massive virus attack. It is mind-boggling to think about the expense of replacing expensive operating systems and let us not even contemplate replacing all the data lost! It is an organization’s worst nightmare to even think about having a virus attack that will bring their business to a total standstill. It does not bear thinking about losing customers because system restore software didn’t work and critical data could not be accessed. The techies are unable to fix computer problems in such a scenario no matter how hard they try, and they spend hours of precious time trying to figure out what went wrong.

Negligible Impact On User Productivity

With Rollback Rx, you have an instantaneous recovery solution from virus attacks because you can roll back your computer to a point before the virus attacked. You can revert to a working state by doing a pc restore through a snapshot within your pc boot cycle, with almost a hundred per cent data recovery. Just before performing the rollback, support can take a snapshot of the virus-infected system to preserve all the files since the last back up. This snapshot will be accessible later to enable them investigate the cause and understand what went wrong. The most important files can be kept under quarantine, repaired and restored to the user – all minus the virus! After support identifies what the problem is, they can coordinate with the antivirus people to get the appropriate solution to avoid such a situation. But this does not affect the user as pc restore enables him continue with his work.

Rollback Rx’s ability to take multiple snapshots of the system, allowing the user to roll back or forward to a preferred system state is a powerful advantage that helps organizations come out of a virus attack with any major loss of data. In fact, it is the fastest system restore software in the market and hardly uses any hard drive space. PC users feel that it is absolutely essential to have a system restore software like Rollback Rx, which is way ahead in its capabilities compared to other conventional methods. If your Windows operating system crashes, thanks to a corrupted system file, you can still access Rollback Rx from the boot sequence and do a pc restore real quick.

Most users of Rollback Rx system restore software appreciate the flexibility and ease of use that it provides making it an invaluable and integral part of any maintenance solution.

About The Author
Jacob Henderson is the technical head of Horizon Data Systems and leading software development firm in the business of Desktop Security and PC performance enhancement software. During his more than 10 years of software development experience in various positions, Jacob Henderson has developed a large number of state of the art software and written numerous articles and reports. Jacob Henderson was one of the core team leaders, that is responsible for the development of user integration features of the flagship product of the Company-Rollback Rx Software.

Rollback are available at http://www.horizondatasys.com/Default.aspx.



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Look for a pushback until well after Memorial Day
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With Immigration Deal Reached, Now Come the Delays

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As criticism begins to build over the Senate bipartisan immigration reform bill, lawmakers--especially Republicans--are expected to push Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for a debate extension of at least three weeks so that there is enough time to discuss hot-ticket issues in the bill.

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Attorney relationship is based on trust you would need to only appoint an attorney
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10 Critical Tips on How to Hire an Attorney

In the modern world an attorney does more than bail people out of jail. Every business including that of the World Wide Web needs the services of an attorney. But the world is full of attorneys of all kinds and sadly not all are honest.

Since a client attorney relationship is based on trust you would need to only appoint an attorney you are comfortable with and are not intimidated by. Another important consideration is what you need an attorney for. Law is a specialized field and you will need to look for an attorney who practices in the area you need help with.

Before just selecting an attorney at random it would be advisable to familiarize yourself with the way law works. Many states have websites to guide people. Check out everything before you hire a lawyer.

Set yourself a goal to locate a lawyer who you like and trust. One you can confide in and one who will care about what happens to you. A lawyer is in many ways your conscience so choose with care. Think about using a reputed lawyer referral service like this one set up by the Massachusetts Bar Association.

The 10 most critical things a lawyer must toe the line for are:

1. He must have the proper qualifications and have extensive experience in the field of law you need him for. You cannot choose a criminal lawyer to handle say a divorce case.

2. He must agree to handle your case himself and not assign you to a colleague or assistant. 3. He must be licensed to work in the area and state or country you need him.

4. He must be honest and upfront with you about the case. If he thinks you have no chance of winning he must say so.

5. He must answer your questions clearly and tell you about not just his successes but failures too.

6. He must be well connected in your area other wise the case will be a damp squib.

7. He must not be loose lipped and discuss salient features of your case at social gatherings.

8. He must lay the cards on the table regarding fees and there should be no hidden charges.

9. His experience should enable him to tell you how long he thinks your case will take and what the strong and weak points of your case are.

10. He must make an effort to listen to you carefully, make notes, read your file thoroughly and not just set the file aside, smile at you and shake your hand within minutes to indicate the meeting is over.

What is most essential for you when you step out to hire a lawyer is to do your homework. Ask friends, business colleagues, and others who have ever used a lawyer. Learn how to sift through the chaff and find a lawyer that will suit you most. Do not hire one that charges the lowest fees. Find one that is well qualified, dedicated, and affordable.

About Author: Aaron Brooks is a freelance writer for Attorney , the premier website to find Attorney Directory including topics on civil right, litigation, defense, attorney power, legal services, prosecuting all crimes and much more.
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