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Jun 26th, 2010 10:18:52 am - Subscribe
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Video number ninety eight. Still the visitors stream to my Youtube content.

I decided to try an experiment with recording stuff live. I have made lots of videos where I have recorded the song first. Then I produced the video to go with the song. The issue before has been how to get a good quality recording that can be processed after recording from a live performance. I found a way to do this which is not simple, but it hardly costs anything to set up. This is not taking into account the Microphone cost. I'm assuming it's already there.

I'll explain myself over these 5 vids. I'm hoping that some of you might find this helpful.

Now back to the focus for this post. This is my version of the timeless classic Imagine by John Lennon. I hope you like it.

Now for some Youtube info.

The one million video views barrier has been broken. That's just fantastic. There aren't many countries that haven't registered views. Only about 10 have not registered viewings yet! The total tally for my views is 1,045,460.

The subscibers are close to the two thousand landmark at 1,923.

Finally the total visits to my channel page are 41,970.

Next it5's video 99, and another of the 5 songs in 1 day.

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