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The ninety first of my Youtube vids, and astonishingly one of my choices. I thought I'd treat myself. I've been hearing a song for a while, but haven't really paid that much attention to it until recently. Then when I did give it a good airing, I found it very easy and enjoyable to sing. So I used a spare half an hour in the morning to record it. Literally. The song is called "Use somebody", and it's originally by "Kings of leon".

See what you think:

I thought I'd use the video opportunity to pump a website I made. It all started with answering my comments on YT. If you try to write more than four comments in ten minutes, you normally get challenged by Captcha. You get asked to type in made up words that are sometimes very amusing. I kept on clicking "Can't read" to make it generate loads of different alternatives, to find all the funny ones. Virtually all the words do not exist in real life, and pretty soon i started dreaming up dictionary definitions for those words. I was thinking of how amusing it would be if someone made a website with the fake Captcha words and fake definitions in a disctionary. It would be so funny. I couldn't wait for that to happen, so I quickly put together my own site and called it "Captchionary".

I sat down for a day going through some of the captcha images I've collected and added them to the site with definitions. I've made it so that anybody can submit their own captcha definitions. The more I get the better. I can't wait to see what other people come up with.

So keep an eye out for those amusing Captcha words. If you see one that brings an amusing definition to mind then right click on the Captcha image and save it to your computer. Then visit the Captchionary website at:

The Captchionary

There's a submission form at the bottom of the page. Fill out the fields including the path to your Captcha image, or you can just add a definition to one of the words already exisiting in the Captchionary. Then leave up to the vetting process. While you're on the site. Why not check out some of the existing words and definitions. You can click the "Hit me" link for random words. My cheeks already hurt from some that I've read.

Now down to my Youtube affairs. Here's the latest lowdown on the statistics.

Subscribers = 1,208

Channel views = 28,081

Total video views = 537,056

Until next time...

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