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Not too far away from video number 100 now. In nearly 3 years on Youtube. This is number 97. There is another milestone approaching which is quite incredible in my opinion. I've worked out that during May, my overall video views will pass ONE MILLION. I'm just trying to get my head around that number of plays.

Here's the next in the series. It's a classic song called "If tomorrow never comes" by the one and only Garth Brooks. However, a rather famous Irishman by the name of Ronan Keating also had a hit with it. This is for everyone but especially for all the American friends who have been keeping track of my progress. Fitting, considering that the USA is the home of country music. This is my take on this wonderful song. I hope y'all like it wink.gif

I was making one of my regular trips to the post office the other day and there were a few children that waited outside and sort of half followed me back on my mile long walk. Before they turned off, one of them called out my name! It would seem to me that the only possible way they could have known me is through Youtube because I don't know anybody in my village, and indeed in the surrounding villages. This is not the first time I've been recognised in the street. I did some calculations and it seems to make sense. In my county alone it worked out that statistically about 1,000 people would have seen one of my videos!

I must admit that at first it made me feel a bit mystified when people looked knowingly at me, when I know that I didn't know them.

Which neatly leads me to the Youtube numbers.

My subscribers are climbing steadily and are currently at 1770.

The total times my channel has been viewed is 39,207.

My overall video views are an incredible 932,723.

I haven't done much on Youtube recently, so I'm hoping to rectify that by putting together more videos than I did last year.

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