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Now for video 96, and one of my all time favourite songs. This is one I've been itching to cover. A couple of years back I really got to like a band called Muse. After hearing a selection of their songs, I rushed out and snapped up all their CD's happy.gif

The song I chose for my 96th video is taken from their third album "Absolution", and the name of that song is "Blackout". In my opinion, it's one of the most moving songs ever penned. There's nothing spectacular about the music, but the words are so moving in their simplicity and the expression is wonderful. That's something I hope I've managed to get across in my version.

Check out my rendition of "Blackout".

Jeffstunes singing Blackout by Muse

Here's the latest Youtube statistics digest.

My subscribers have climbed up to 1,619.

My channel has been perused 36,499 times.

The views for all my videos comes to the grand total of 831,005.

There are no plans for the next vid yet. I might try and cross another off my massive request list, or maybe one of my original songs from my album!

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