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Mar 17th, 2010 6:57:01 am - Subscribe
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I'm now up to my 93rd video.

It's time I did some of my requests and this one has been requested more times than any other. There have been requests for quite a few different Neil Diamond songs, and I've done quite a few already on Youtube, but this one has evaded my microphone thus far.

The title is "Love on the rocks". I hope you enjoy it as much as I did singing it. Neil Diamond compositions are always a joy for me to sing.

OK. It's numbers time. It's all going well.

The Subs to the Jeffstunes channel are now up at 1,406.

My channel has now been looked at 32,593 times and the total viewing figures for all my videos combined is 673,277!!

Looking forward to the next post. I'm going to be crossing another most requested off my list, and it is going to be one from "The Fray". Then looking even further. A Coldplay song from X&Y happy.gif

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