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I have been accused of miming in my videos, and I have to say that I take that as a great compliment. For them to think that it's the original.

That got me thinking, and I carried that idea over to this video. It's a slideshow of my photographs with a difference. One that interacts.

This song is called "You found me" and is by a group called "The Fray". It's not the first of theirs that I have uploaded to youtube. Some time back I did "How to save a life".

See what you think of my rendition of this song.

As always, here is the latest update on my Youtube numbers.

The subscriber increase is still on that climb and has now reached 1,408.

The visits to my channel page now stand at 32,714.

The total views for all my videos is 677,653.

Coming next is a Coldplay cover, with a dedication to a couple of Youtube subs.

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