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Some of you may have noticed that I haven't posted in quite a while. It's mainly because I have'nt put much on Youtube in the last year and it's all down to me spending most of my time making a new website.

My finances have been hit hard because of the global ecomonic downturn. My music sales have made me just enough to buy a weeks shopping for one. That's not good for 2 years figures. It might have something to do with my giving most of my music away. So I took a bit of a gamble and dedicated myself to building an idea I had several years ago. I can finally report that I've finished the site and I sent it live about a week ago. I don't doubt that there might be the odd bug in it, but I'm quite proud of what I have achieved all on my own. The idea was to create something that provide some sort of income so that I could spend more time developing music and be able to survive.

First I'll tell you a bit about my new site, and then I'll fill you in on my latest youtube statistics.

The site is a bit like an enhanced directory for accommodation and events and it's called Megabunk. I have spotted a number of other sites that cover similar areas to my site, howver they charge commissions etc to those renting out. My site does not handle bookings. It's a contact site. So it's completely free to use. The search elements of the site are tuned towards accommodation and work together with Google maps. I've got to say that I'm very satisified with what I have produced. I also added a calender so that people could switch days on and off if they wanted to manage available dates on the site. I also thought about how the site could be used. Someone might like the fact that it has internal messaging on the site, but it can also be used to just provide a profile with a link to a website. I've allowed for up to 10 profiles per host user. This allows those who are a bit flush with multiple places to rent to receive mail on the same email address.

Before I put the site live, I spent a lot of time making instructional videos and the total viewing time of them all comes to over an hour.I combined the videos into a playlist, and as is usual with my posts, I'm going to give a link to the vids:

I'd recommend watching a couple of the vids before visiting the site. The following link will take you to megabunk, and take into account that this whole site was written by one person (ME!!) . I did use some open source functions but I adapted them all:


I can make the site free because I'm putting advertising on the site to raise some funds. There aren't many overheads (just me myself and I) so I'm hoping to plough anything spare back into improving the site and promoting it. Commercial TV stations have been providing free television for many years, and have been earning their money through advertising. That's how I believe it should be.

So, if you know anyone with accommodation to let for long or short term. Even if they have a spare room to rent for a week in the summer, then please guide them towards Megabunk. The only thing it will cost them is a little bit of their time to set up a profile, and it might just bring them some interest. It's a bit like a free entry into an accommodation search engine. Oh that goes for any event organisers as well happy.gif

Now for those interested in my Jeffstunes youtube channel.You're going to see a bit of a jump from the last post because it was so long ago. So here are the numbers.

My channel views are now 50,976

Subscribers have gone over two thousand at 2,209 and the total viewing figures for all my videos is a heady 1,463,739.

I've got 5 music videos to tell you about since I last posted so I'm hopefully going to be telling you about those in the next few weeks.

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