miss hubs....
Date: Apr 20th, 2008 4:52:30 pm - Subscribe
Mood: ugh

i miss ya very much.... but y u be so cruel ??? till now also don wanna chat v me or leave me some message ????
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hatex it....
Date: Mar 30th, 2008 9:17:23 am - Subscribe
Mood: terrified

y everytime he hav to make me feel very moody????
wat hav i done???
y everything i do is wrong???
hatex him lah....
everytime angry me and quarrel v me....
everytime when we din chat for few days then sumthing will occurred....
actually wat's goin on???
can anyone tell me bout it????
everytime hav to make me sad....
i really very hatex tis feeling anymore,,,,,
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Date: Mar 20th, 2008 2:02:40 pm - Subscribe
Mood: foolish

y everytime when he msn me, then i'll feel very happy?????
but the happy won't last long.... and it will ended splashing with tears........

is that possible for her to forget bout that guy???????
but the ans will be no in her life....

y he hav to walk in my life???



y everything can't be over???
y i still have to think bout him?????

u r very stupid....

wait wait wait for a zero return.......

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am i happy
Date: Mar 20th, 2008 1:45:19 pm - Subscribe
Mood: heartbroken



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Date: Feb 11th, 2008 9:33:32 pm - Subscribe
Mood: moodless

11th february 2008

i thought i'll be better soon.... but who noe getting worse.... i go to the clinic and thy say i'm having a high fever and my whole body r very hot.... but i feel cold lah..... cough and flu again.....
afterthat the doctor told me that if my fever still continue for few more days then i hav to do blood test le....... i don wanna do blood test..
if i do blood test then i noe sth worse will happen to me.... i'll be carrying medicine everyday, so i won't go to do my blood test.....
hope the fever go away from me... hate to get sick lah..... haiz....
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