lost in love.......
Date: Feb 6th, 2008 3:09:20 pm - Subscribe
Mood: colorful

On 1 night when we chat then then i suddenly tell him i like him, i also don't know how's the topic started but when i flash all the memory it is ridiculous isn't???? We been going out together for lunch then dinner then clubbing, quite a while after everythings happen we secretly ON our relation but just for few weeks then we broke up with a misunderstanding.... We stop looking for each other since that but we meet up again after his best friend come back for holidays, i also started to sms him and call him!!! Maybe i'm stupid too... i eventually forget bout i had a bf, but i can't stop myself not to find Shane and i feel very happy and free with him!!!! We start back our relation on 14th JULY 2007.... i totally forget everythings and my bf too, just feel wanna be with him everyday!!!!
He is a very sweet guy and very cute once in a while~~~~~~~
Got 1 time i cheat my bf and tell him i'm going to Damai with cousin.. actually i did go with my cousin but with him and his friends too... it could be a very sweet memory for me...... couse we're having lots of memorable memories at Damai...... wink.gif
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