Date: Feb 6th, 2008 11:32:21 pm - Subscribe
Mood: shaken

Before he leave me he have guaranty and promise me many things.....
so i believe him and waited to wait for him,
actually for some reason hearing all those promises was important to me on the particular time. I believe that he will be loyalty and i also don wish to burden him so after he leave me i try to be his good girl to wait him back..... my tears welled everytime when i miss him even i can c him through cam but i still can feel there are distance between us.... i try very hard to maintain this relation, i don't wanna loose him. He will never that he is everything to me and i can sacrifice everything for him even not worthy. I'll betrayed guy but i never betrayed him, that is y i so suprise!!!! i even can keep my promises to wait him.... maybe is because of love, when u love someone u'll do everything for him........... cry.gif
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