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apologies or something?

Jan 22nd, 2014 10:27:58 am - Subscribe

firstly, i'm in a much better head space than i was even last night, so i didn't mean to call you a perv for calling someone beautiful. although, i still don't agree with the way you objectify women. and personally, i'd rather you tell someone you actually know that they're beautiful, rather than a random woman on youtube who posts videos of her legs/feet. in part, the objectification of women is due to deep rooted patriarchal societal issues that aren't your fault. but you still have the choice of not buying into it.

also, i'm not spying. i'm taking in an interest that you're not doing anything that's actually wrong. simply because i feel the need to for my own peace of mind. turning that onto it's head though, if you think i'm spying, what do you think you're doing on my blog? ;p same thing.

second thing, thank you for helping me push myself all the way out of my negative head space with that comment. because i am very loveable and i like being complicated. i wouldn't want to be simple / depends on why you think i am unloveable. i am who i am and i wouldn't want to be any other way.

nothing's confusing me about american football, i totally get that you guys STOLE the idea of rugby and turned it into your own thing ;) i'm more confused about the hype and attention we're having because a few games are being played in london. i believe the next one happening here involves a team from your state. or was that the last one that happened here? anyway, american football's as about as boring to me as normal football. unless it's the world cup. and your alternative to the world cup is the superbowl, which i don't watch. but i know people that do.

so, how's the snow situation going over there?

i so can't wait until spring. i'm already feeling pretty amazing about this year so far.

and as fuse odg says:

I like the way you motivate, Believe in what I do so we cultivate

Baby you be no delay, You riding by my side help me operate

Nobody can hold your weight, You too much for them guys tell em go away

That's why I want congratulate, You hold yourself high you in your own space

she phenomenal, she motivates, she elevates.

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January 22nd, 2014

I can't wait for spring either, we're in the middle of another cold snap-snow flurries last night and it was freezing here at the plant. And you are right..You are beautiful and i may have issues like that but i never thought of it that way. I suppose every woman has thier own complications, wouldn't be human otherwise. I am glad u are in a much better head space sweetie-so far i'm feeling good about 2014 too happy.gif x

avatar jessiebell

January 22nd, 2014

That sucks, i'm so glad we haven't had any snow yet although i'm fairly sure it will come soon. And true, no one is without complications. Just, please can you let me know if you're actually going to unblock me on fb so we can talk rather than having these huge posts on here? I don't mind either way, but i'd like an answer if that's okay?

I'm glad you're feeling good by the way happy.gif


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