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it's been a long time.

Oct 4th, 2014 1:09:23 pm - Subscribe

i have autumn feels for the first time, and i want lots of hot chocolate and sprawling out on the sofa watching tons of halloween movies (practical magic, the craft, hocus pocus, the nightmare before christmas, corpse bride, edward scissorhands, beetlejuice and the addams family.)

i don't yet feel cold from the inside, but the cold is only just beginning. i can tell from the way i awoke from the howling wind last night, that things are about to get darker and nastier. i was able to catch a lot of the sun this time though, it's kinda sad the sun is about to run out on me.

interesting conversations, blurry minds, late night thoughts at 100mph. exhilarated, dazed and confused. do we ever really grow up? or hardly ever grow?

i envy those that can push themselves to continually grow. mine is such a stop and start process, i have a long stretch left yet.

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