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human touch.

Oct 26th, 2018 2:01:30 pm - Subscribe

i had to walk away because i'm hurting and i can't communicate it.

i need to be important in your life. and you don't want to communicate openly and honestly.

i wanted to express many things, including finding our common goals, dreams, desires etc. but you always avoided talking about the bigger things with me.

you can't call me your soulmate, tell me you've never been as connected with anyone as you have with me and then treat me the way you ended up doing.

i loved you. you just compared me to your family.

we both felt it, but i was the only one moving towards something bigger and healthier. you just wanted to stay as you are.

i need to be loved. i wanted to ask you if you love me. if you could love me.

i have needs and that's okay.

but as soon as i was losing self-esteem, trying to impress you and realising i value myself more than you do, then i had to walk away. you weren't helping with your bad behaviours, and were just triggering mine. so it was healthier for me to walk away.

i wish it could have turned out differently. and i still wanna explain and apologise why i left in the manner that i did, but i think there's no going back. at least not for months or years at least.

maybe one day. or maybe the lesson is over.

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