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Switching to T-Mobile from AT&T

Posted by on 2/18/2009 - Subscribe
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Well hello everyone (which I know is not many people)! Long time no blog.

Today's entry is about switching from AT&T to T-Mobile! First let's start off with my history. I was originally on Sprint, which had crappy reception, but great service. I actually miss Sprint, they were great at dropped call refunds etc.

Now Lyndsey showed me an article that was probably on Oprah about saving money. How switching to a "Pay as you Go" plan can save you money cause you only pay for the minutes you use. This seemed like a great idea. I did some calculations between ending AT&T's contract (cancellation fees) and starting up T-Mobile with $100/phone. I figured as long as we keep under 1,000 minutes every 4 months we are coming out about $300/year ahead on the phones.

Since we have wanted to get a new home phone, we decided that we will get the new home phone, use that over our cellphones and then use the cellphones for more of "emergency" situations. So far today I have used 1 minute on my phone to check voicemail. This seems like a great deal as the 1,000 minutes last for 1 year.

Let me explain why I did not just use AT&T's pay as you go (As their network coverage is awesome). The main reason why was the pay as you go rate was pretty steep, .25 cents a minute or $1/day used and 10 cents a minute. I do not like the $1/day idea, due to the fact that it can add up to be a bit more than I bargained for. Where as T-Mobile had a similiar setup, except the non-$1/day plan was 10 cents a minute if you buy 1,000 minutes and the minutes do not expire for a year.

Hmmm? Which would you choose? So I spent all night the other night unlocking our w580i Sony Ericsson phone so we would not need to buy new phones. This took a while, but worked great. Unlocking the phones were very easy with multiple tutorials online. (This also debranded the phone which was an added bonus).

Now we are on a "Pay as you Go" plan and are hoping that in the long run this will save us money. As we are going to use our cell-phones more for emergency usage as appose to convenience/daily use. For our home phone we went with Vonage as my Wife's mom has it and it seems to work great for a good price, $30/month unlimited long distance and Voicemails sent to email! Plus the first month and hardware was free.

So far it seems to be working great, now we just have to get our family and friends in the habit of calling the homephone first before our cell phones and we are in good shape.

I will update in a few months on how this worked out for us. And as always:

Thanks for Reading,

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Expanding the Family

Posted by on 12/27/2008 - Subscribe
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Expanding the Family


Well today I am writing to you that my wife is finally pregnant. We had been trying for about 7 months and she finally tested positive! We are so excited. This is truly a blessing and it came at the right time for Christmas and just in time since she graduated a week before we found out!

How we told her family (since this is their first grandchild/great grandchild) was she made them each a picture frame with a thing inside that says "Picture coming in 9 months" and on the outside it had like "World's best grandma" etc. Then had them all open it on Christmas Eve.

Everyone was so excited it was awesome. Her mom teared up and yea, it became the best Christmas present for everyone. My family was a bit less dramatic but we decided to tell my niece first and let her spill the beans since I just love my niece =) She was excited and about 20 seconds later we got a call back from my sister congratulating us.

Well this had to be my favorite Christmas of all times. I got exactly what I wanted and so did my wife and her family and my family.

Well it had been a long time since I updated this blog and decided to tell the world...I am going to be a father!

Thanks for Reading,

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Two for the Price of One

Posted by on 2/28/2008 - Subscribe
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Two for the Price of One

Yesterday was a good day. As stated earlier I had Big-O-Tires fix some stuff on my truck. Well it seemed that the sales representative told me they had the wrong tires in stock. Lucky for me those were better tires and they gave me the tires they had in stock for the price of the tires I wanted to get on. It ended up being like I got two tires for the price of one. And let me tell you the upgraded tires were very nice!

Well last night we went to Homedepot to get a price quote on cabinets, and wow I was amazed. Not amazed by prices, quality or staff. I was simply amazed that I knew more than the guy designing our cabinets did. He could barely add and multiply. Not to mention he guessed on almost everything. So we are sticking with Darby's Cabinets here in Denver. He is a local business man who does custom cabinets. His motto is (and this is on a free screwdriver he gives out), "We screw the other guys and pass the savings to you."

The nice thing was I went to HomeDepot to check it out cause he challenged me to. Home depot wanted $4,000 with 10% off for our cabinets, for crap quality at that in the wrong colors. That did not even include the bar we want to put there. At Darby's he quoted us $2,600 for more linear feet, at least 6 more linear feet. Nearly 50% off, and they will be better quality and exactly what we want as it is custom made.

Needless to say I am disappointed and pleased at the same time. I am excited that I know we are going to get an awesome deal on cabinets, but very disappointed that HomeDepot charges that much overhead and I feel bad for anyone who gets screwed into buying cabinets from HomeDepot. On top of that HomeDepot tried to force warranties, installation, removal, and for us to "buy a measure". Where as Darby Cabinets never even tried to force anything on to us and explained everything in great detail, while showing he knew what he was doing and was not trained for 1 hour and called a "designer".

Enough of that rambling, I will make a blog dedicated to Darby's Cabinets after we make the purchase on my main blog. Hope everyone else is having a good day.

Thanks for Reading,

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Better Days

Posted by on 2/27/2008 - Subscribe
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Better Days

Well the days are starting to look better. Yestarday I was really tired when I got home and after getting back from a friends house I had a nice dinner made by Lyndsey and we sat and talked at the table. Then I went upstairs and played my game for roughly an hour, but was not able to motivate myself to code. So instead I went in and watched TV with Lyndsey, and after watching to loser fest (the biggest loser) and those jokes called guys crying over voting off that one joker just went to bed at around 9pm. The weird thing was I was still tired this morning but motivated myself enough to drop my truck off at Big-O-Tires (its about a half mile from work and I had to walk to work from there). The walk felt good, other than it was rushed cause I was late for work.

Anyhow it feels good to get my truck in the shop and that off my mind and chest. My tires were showing steel and I needed an alignment/oil change. I always liked Big-O-Tires cause of their warranty and free flat repairs etc. They have never treated me wrong or bad.

Hopefully today keeps looking up and the past will be put behind me. The future keeps getting brighter each day.

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Getting Back on Track

Posted by on 2/26/2008 - Subscribe
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Getting Back on Track

I have been so far off the track the past 6 months to a year it is ridiculous. I am sick and tired of always putting stuff off and leaving 90% of what I do un-finished. Well the time for fixing that is now. It is time for me to get back on track with what I need to do.

I am unsure when I will be able to get caught up enough to work on Aeonity but hopefully it is in the next month or so. Right now I have many priorities to take care of, such as a website for my dad, a friend and another friend. All the while fixing some computer issues for another friend and getting our kitchen budgeted out and picking out cabinets/tile/sinks/counters etc to be ready for the end of March when my dad is suppose to be coming out and helping us out with that.

The next month I am going to busy with multiple projects that I hope to do an awesome job with and get my reputation built back up and credible. All the while making sure I have time to support my wife in anyway I can. Needless to say I am actually very happy and I cannot wait to get started. (Tonight I have to go fix one friend's computer problems and hopefully have time to design a few websites).

We will see how everything un-folds the next few weeks. I am very eager right now to take the next few steps into this new part of my life. I want to be truly happy again and I want everyone around me to be happy. It is time to start taking responsibilities for my own actions and following through with my decisions.

I feel free for the first time in a long time. My sky is the limit!

Thanks for Reading,

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