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Anticipation of Waiting

Posted by on 11/15/2006 - Subscribe
Mood: dejected
Song: NoFx - The Brews

Anticipation of Waiting

I hate waiting, especially when you are waiting for something really good or really bad. I hate the waiting for something really bad the most. Reason being is I tend to rationalize way too much. I also get these cooky schemes created in my head as what I think is going to happen. About 90% of the times I am always wrong.

The anticipation always kills me. Kind of like the latest South Park Episode where Eric Cartman has to wait for the Nintendo Wii to come out and he cannot handle the wait and ends up freezing himself. Well that would be awesome to be able to do, that way I wouldn't have the wait time to create all my rational thoughts which eat at me.

Anyhow just thought that was interesting.

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