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Honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico

Posted by on 6/12/2006 - Subscribe
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Honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico

After a week of lax time from the wedding Lyndsey and I were ready to get away from all worries and dealings with family. As our wedding present my parents gave us their timeshare to Cancun and bought our plane tickets. The plane ride over was not too bad. I slept the majority of the time as the flight was a Red Eye flight. We had a 5 hour lay over in Atlanta, GA which was bearable. I slept most of the time. For your information, if you ever fly through Atlanta, GA the airport is freezing cold. Be fore warned. Onto Cancun it was, this flight was an hour shorter but I still was able to get a good amount of sleep. We arrived in Cancun, Mexico around 1:36 PM. From the first step off the airplane the humidity and the heat hit you like a punch in the gut. I actually found it really hard to breathe. Grant it I have never been east of Nebraska before our Cancun Honeymoon trip. The humidity was quite and experience that made me realize why I live near the mountains.

After going through customs we needed to find out ride to the Sunset Lagoon. I had already paid for a shuttle before the trip; all we needed to do was find it. Well someone offering to carry our bags led us to the shuttle. I have never really been anywhere that required tips, when the guy who helped us with our bags held out his hand it took my by surprise. Unknowing I gave him a $4 tip, which I later found out was a really high tip for Cancun, Mexico. Oh well, maybe I made his day. Well now we are off the resort. Aside from what I have heard about Cancun drivers, they really were not all that bad. Faster paced and a different driving style but I would not call it crazy at all. We finally arrived at our resort, welcomed by the staff we went in and setup our rooms. We ended up staying in a 2 bedroom room as oppose to a 1 bedroom which was on our itinerary. Before we were able to enter our rooms they had to do some cleaning, so we went and ate at the buffet, after all it was all-inclusive.

We ate lunch, which was surprisingly better than I anticipated, and then ventured onto our room. After putting our valuables in the safe and lathering up with Sun Screen we went to the pool and swam for a long while. This was very nice and relaxing. Although the Sunset Lagoon was not what Lyndsey and I had in mind about where we would be staying it was still a very nice resort. The only downside to the Sunset Lagoon was that there was no beach, well no real beach. It was on the opposite side of the ocean off of what I would consider a lake. Sunset Lagoon was still very nice, just not what we had in mind. Just a word of advice, if you do have a choice of staying at Sunset Lagoon or the Royal Sunset, go for the Royal Sunset, they have a beautiful beach.

After swimming Lyndsey and I took a short nap before heading the welcome party at 6:00 PM. The staff at Sunset Lagoon put on a small show with a raffle. The show was good, and at the raffle I won a Mexican Blanket. That was awesome. I usually do not win at raffles or much of anything so that was a great welcome. The dinner was good and we than retired to our rooms for the night. After finding out all channels except 3 were Spanish Lyndsey and I stuck with the three non Spanish channels. We ended up watching a movie while we were going to sleep.

The next morning started off late, as we did not plan any activities for that day. We woke up around 10:00 AM and went to have breakfast. After breakfast we walked around the Sunset Lagoon resort and checked out what hey had to offer. Next we went swimming for most of the day again and had a blast swimming. That night we both found out we were sun burnt. Before the soreness kicked in we went and ate dinner. There was nothing fancy planned for that night just Dinner than more swimming and than to bed. The next morning was an earlier start as we needed to get to the Wet n Wild Park for our Swimming with Sea lions tour. We arrived around 9:00 AM like the online ticket said. Around 9:30 AM they let us get our tickets and head into the park. Since the park did not officially open until 10:00 AM we had to wait so we could do the wave pool until 11:00 AM which was when our Sea lion swim started. After having a good swim in the wave pool and finding out that we could not do most of the rides due to the fact there was only two of us, 11:00 AM finally was upon us.

We started off by the guides telling us where we had to stand and what was eventually going to happen. After the briefing we went into the pool where the Sea lions swim in and than the fun with the Sea lions started. They started off by doing some funny faces, and showing us the noise the Sea lions make. Next they had the Sea lion swim in front of us allowing us to pet the Sea lion. After another round of that we went to the opposite side of the pool to see some tricks the Sea lion's could do. We held our hands together and the Sea lion did a jump over our arms. The Sea lion made 3 rounds and then it was back to our line. Next they had us put on some goggles and watch the sea lion swim underwater. Than they had the Sea lion jump over our heads while under the water (this was cool and freaky at the same time. After that part was done it was time to get the water picture taken of us individually and the sea lion. They had the Sea lion put its flipper around us and give us a kiss. Next they allowed us to pick the Sea lion up out of the water to show how heavy they are. Needless to say they did not go very far out of the water. After that the water part was over. We than moved on to take one more picture with us and the Sea lion and learned some interesting facts about the Sea lion. After that the Sea lion tour was over.

An hour later we left the Wet n Wild water park due to the fact that we could not really do anything other than the tide pool and the Lazy River. When we arrived at the resort we decided to eat lunch and do some more swimming. At around 3:00 PM Lyndsey and I went to play Bingo as part of an activity the resort offered. There were only 5 players and there were 3 rounds. We lost the first round, I won the second round and another person won the third round. I won a free T-Shirt of the Sunset Lagoon Resort. After the Bingo game we swam some more. Later on that evening we ate dinner at the buffet and then went to bed.

The next morning (which was Tuesday) we had our Horse Back riding excursion. Well since we did not have an alarm clock Lyndsey and I woke up a little late. We still tried to push on and be able to ride the horses, but it took longer than expected to get to where we were suppose to be picked up and we do not know if we missed the bus or if they never showed up because we did not get any confirmation (like the ticket said) at the hotel the night before. This was sad because the trip would have been a very fun trip. We arrived back at the hotel around 9:30 AM and scheduled a different horse back riding tour for Thursday morning than we ate breakfast. After breakfast Lyndsey and I took a paddle boat onto the Lagoon for about an hour and just tinkered around out there. We came back in and went back to the hotel room. I took a nap because I was very tired from the sun burn I acquired while swimming with Sea lions. Lyndsey went out and read in the shade, than fell asleep soon after. A few hours later we awoke and went to a show the Sunset Lagoon staff put on for us. The show was an alright show. At dinner (which was where the show was being put on at) we sat with 2 other couples from Colorado. The lady sitting next to me was drunk and kept hitting on me throughout dinner. Lynsdey and I eventually moved to another table once she lit up her cigarette. As part of the show they had a couple dance contest. Well against Lyndsey's will I volunteered us for the contest and well we came in last place, but it was still a fun contest.

After the show we retired to our hotel room and went to sleep. The next day, which was Wednesday, was a laid back day. We decided to head on over to the Royal Sunset, just to check out if we were missing out on anything. It was sad that it took us till Wednesday to find out the Royal Sunset was as nice as it was and had access to the beach! Oh well, we spent the whole day at the beach and purchased a Conch shell that was turned into a horn. I have yet to figure out how you make the horn noise, but one of these days I will figure it out! After swimming in the ocean for a few hours and playing Frisbee in the pool Lyndsey and I headed back to Sunset Lagoon. This is when I found out I was burnt to a crisp. We took extra precaution that day and lathered up 3 different times and still ended up getting burned! I guess I was not meant to be out in the sun too long! That night another show was being put on and Lyndsey and I watched the show, which took to long to end because I was dead tired and finally went to our room to sleep. The show was an "American" theme which included a Titanic play, phantom of the opera play and many others. After we arrived at our hotel room I immediately went to sleep.

Now we are on Thursday, we started off by waking up to go horse back riding, after getting dressed we traveled to a hacienda with 4 other people for the horse back riding tour. We arrived and they had us fill out the liability forms etc. After that was taken care of we were introduced to our house. I rode a horse called Blondie and Lyndsey rode a horse called Pepe Lepue. There was a dog which was one of the owners who tagged along with us, his name was Rocky and was a very nice dog. He looked like a Black lab with a pit bull head. After everyone mounted their horse we were off for our 90 minute ride. The horses were trying to be funny and kept eating the trees. I held mine off for a while but when he wanted to eat some leafs off a tree, it was beyond my control (or so I thought). After the ride through I guess "the Jungle" we came to a spot that was still being built but had a little horse arena, where they allowed us to run with the horses. I did it once than I had to stop because I was in shorts, so I pulled out of the running arena. Lyndsey's horse started off slow, but all of the sudden Pepe just took off on a dead run, with Lyndsey being un-prepared Pepe almost flung Lyndsey off. Well the next day Lyndsey's legs were sore and had some saddle burns on them; it pays to bring a pair of jeans to Cancun. After the arena run we slowly ventured back to the Hacienda, where they had lunch waiting for us, once we were good and fed we took the bus back to Sunset Lagoon.

After we got back we changed into our swimming trunks and swam in the pool. After a little bit of swimming Lyndsey wanted to paint. Well while Lyndsey painted I played volleyball in the sand with about 7 other people staying at the Sunset Lagoon. I had a blast playing two games of volleyball. After volleyball I took another swim with Lyndsey than retreated to the hotel room. Lyndsey and I stayed up watching a few movies until 1 or 2 am. At which we finally went to sleep. The next day Lyndsey and I were on a mission.

We have yet to look at the Flea Markets, so Lyndsey and I ventured into Downtown Cancun. We walked from the Sunset Lagoon (which was about 1-2 miles from Downtown Cancun). We thought we knew where the big flea markets were but we ended up stopping at a Mexican Outlet store. Not really a Flea Market, but we got Zana and Noah some presents. We decided not to walk any further as it was boiling hot and we figured the Flea markets were another mile away. We made the trip through the hot mugginess of Cancun to the smaller flea market near the Sunset Lagoon. We finally arrived and I bought myself a chess set for $20 (regularly $50) and Lyndsey saw some coasters she wanted. Since I told the guy I did not have any money left we went into a convenience store bought some ice cream and water and waited for about 15 minutes (enough time so that we "could" have went and got more money) and found out he was selling the coasters for $20. Well I told him that I had $7 left (I actually had the $20) and eventually he caved in for the $7. Now we are heading back to the hotel to shower up and get ready for our Sunset Dinner Cruz at 3:30 pm, which we did confirm the day before.

After being showered up and dressed up we caught our shuttle and we were on the hour drive to the spot where they had the Sunset Dinner Cruz. At 5:15 PM the boat set sailed and we cruised around the waters for 3 hours while the sunset. After we arrived back at shore they started us off with our meal, first the salad, next the soup than the meal and finally desert. We both had steak dinners and the meals were alright. Personally the steaks in America are a lot better than in Mexico. We danced some and than at the end of the night left for our hotel around 9:15 PM. We arrived at Sunset Laggon around 10:30 PM. Now we had to pack up for the plane ride home tomorrow.

Awaking at 4:00 AM so we could catch the shuttle at 4:30 AM was an early start. We arrived at the airport with plenty of time and #2 in line to get our tickets from Delta. Once we were ticketed and went through customs we had to wait for about an hour and half for our plane to arrive. The plane finally arrived and we were leaving Cancun around 8:00 AM for Atlanta, GA. Well the ending is pretty much the same as the beginning. We arrived in Atlanta, ate lunch and than arrived in Denver, Colorado. We were both very pleased to be home. We ordered pizza for dinner and un-packed our things. We were also surprised by how clean and organized our apartment was. Lyndsey's mom and grandma did an awesome job of cleaning up and organizing the apartment for us while we were in Mexico! The layout was perfect. That ended our honeymoon, a very nice night of sleeping in our own bed in our home town. It felt great to be home!

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