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Radio Stations Music Programming

Posted by on 5/11/2006 - Subscribe
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Radio Stations Music Programming

Radio Stations are not very unique at all. Yes they can play different types of music, but honestly they are all the same. I listen to about 3 Radio Stations at work, but I can only listen to 1 station a week, meaning after 1 day of listening to let's say 106.7 KBPI Denver, I get sick of that radio station for the rest of the week, maybe even month. Although I like most of the music 106.7 KBPI plays, hearing the same 6 songs 10 times in 1 day is way too much. Why do radio stations all have the same type of programming and play the same songs day in and day out 6 times daily?

Well if you have an answer for me, please make a comment. I would love to know the answer, because it just blows my mind. Honestly, I think more people would want to listen to the radio if they really had a variety. Be creative, you do not have to play Mudvayne - Happy; Distubred - Remember; Some band - Some Song; Mudvayne - Happy 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 3 months until a new song comes along which replaces the Disturbed song and than loops again infinitely. Seriously, go online to your favorite Radio Station's website and view the last 50 recently played songs and see how many times a given song was played. I love to hear new music, but I hate to hear the same new music 10 times a day 7 days a week. If radio stations wizened up maybe I would listen to them more. The biggest saying that I think is a bunch of crap is "The most music variety." You do not have a variety at all, just a list of 6 songs that you are told to play 6 times a day with maybe a song not on the list.

Well I hope you all agree, if not I must be listening to too much Radio.

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Posted by nealmama on May 11th, 2006

Hey Jim. My husband is kinda in the music industry. He's a bass player and when we were talking to radio stations, here in Chicago, its the record companies that tell the stations what to play. So lets say the record company for Ac/Dc says play "Moneytalks" Every hour on the eights Monday, on tuesday play this song on the 2's etc etc. So thats why is reapeative. It sucks. I know what you mean.

Posted by jim on May 11th, 2006

Wow I had no clue it went back to the Record Company. Just more of a reason for me to hate the RIAA! Thanks for that information it clears up a ton!


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