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Switching to T-Mobile from AT&T

Posted by on 2/18/2009 - Subscribe
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Well hello everyone (which I know is not many people)! Long time no blog.

Today's entry is about switching from AT&T to T-Mobile! First let's start off with my history. I was originally on Sprint, which had crappy reception, but great service. I actually miss Sprint, they were great at dropped call refunds etc.

Now Lyndsey showed me an article that was probably on Oprah about saving money. How switching to a "Pay as you Go" plan can save you money cause you only pay for the minutes you use. This seemed like a great idea. I did some calculations between ending AT&T's contract (cancellation fees) and starting up T-Mobile with $100/phone. I figured as long as we keep under 1,000 minutes every 4 months we are coming out about $300/year ahead on the phones.

Since we have wanted to get a new home phone, we decided that we will get the new home phone, use that over our cellphones and then use the cellphones for more of "emergency" situations. So far today I have used 1 minute on my phone to check voicemail. This seems like a great deal as the 1,000 minutes last for 1 year.

Let me explain why I did not just use AT&T's pay as you go (As their network coverage is awesome). The main reason why was the pay as you go rate was pretty steep, .25 cents a minute or $1/day used and 10 cents a minute. I do not like the $1/day idea, due to the fact that it can add up to be a bit more than I bargained for. Where as T-Mobile had a similiar setup, except the non-$1/day plan was 10 cents a minute if you buy 1,000 minutes and the minutes do not expire for a year.

Hmmm? Which would you choose? So I spent all night the other night unlocking our w580i Sony Ericsson phone so we would not need to buy new phones. This took a while, but worked great. Unlocking the phones were very easy with multiple tutorials online. (This also debranded the phone which was an added bonus).

Now we are on a "Pay as you Go" plan and are hoping that in the long run this will save us money. As we are going to use our cell-phones more for emergency usage as appose to convenience/daily use. For our home phone we went with Vonage as my Wife's mom has it and it seems to work great for a good price, $30/month unlimited long distance and Voicemails sent to email! Plus the first month and hardware was free.

So far it seems to be working great, now we just have to get our family and friends in the habit of calling the homephone first before our cell phones and we are in good shape.

I will update in a few months on how this worked out for us. And as always:

Thanks for Reading,

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