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Date: May 23rd, 2007 5:02:57 pm - Subscribe
Mood: feverish

Life is full of wonderful amazing things. The way a fresh pot of coffee smells. The feeling you get when you are falling in love. The way it feels when your baby snuggles into you and looks at you lovingly. These things are only as great as they are because of the hardships we deal with.

I find comfort in the sunshine, and am so grateful that the winter has passed and the earth has rotated around enough for warmer weather! I am excited to take my son to the beach so he can splash in the water for the first time. I look forward to his first summer bbq, parade, and walk in the fresh cut grass. He is my world, and no one can change that.

Very few people love there job. I am not one of those very few people. I really dislike my job, but I AM one of the few people doing something about it. I am a full time student majoring in business, then I will get my degree in Journalism. I hope to be able to write about convtroversial issues and see my work on the front page.

I love photography; I get that from my grandfather who was an amazing photographer in his day. I hope that when I die the people I care about will never forget that I love them and I will always watch over them.

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