THe way I am-my new myspace about me
Date: Jan 23rd, 2007 12:25:01 pm - Subscribe
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I cant stand the feeling of sand between my toes

I could live off of Mochas and pasta

I am a myspace whore, and I like it.

I really do not care what you think. We have never met, we will never meet, and therefore your opinion means nothing to me. But feel free to tell me anyways because I am sure it makes you feel like an important person for you to judge me.

Telling me I am hot, beautiful, gorgeous, or whatever is nice, thanks. Doesn't mean you are going to be my new best friend, I am not giving you my number, and if you don't know me in real life, do NOT give me a pet name. Especially one that is boo, bug, hot pants, or whatever else you ghetto fucks come up with.

Unless I have given you permission to do so, do NOT advertise on my profile. Do I look like myspace ebay?! NOPE. I will delete the comment.

I can be bitchy. I can be nice. I am just tired of the stupid people. I whore because I actually like to meet new people, and I try to comment everyone and talk to everyone, even though I am sure there are people out there I have missed. I don't whore for numbers.

I love talking to people who can hold an intelligent conversation! Who can spell and use the right words in the right context!

I also love to whore people out! If I like you, I'll whore you all the time just for the hell of it, without u even knowing. I try to put the most important people on my top friends, but I have so many pages of friends, it takes forever to find your pic to add you. Give it time, I am sure you will be there soon!

I love musicians, all musicians, and if you are a musician, and I like your music, I will promote you, and let you put an add on my site.

Im a mom, I love it. I think that children are a blessing!

I LOVE BOOKS! Reading is a great way to relax and gain knowledge!

Scarey movies rock. Movies with blood and gore not so much....

I love to comment peoples pages with cute glittery graphics and random things.

I wear a size 9 pants. I am HAPPY with that. I think that I am healthy, and that is the AVERAGE size of a REAL woman. Super skinny women are disgusting. I know some cant help it, but my goodness girls, EAT! In moderation of course!

I think photography is fun. I love taking pictures. I suck at getting pictures of myself, but I do it anyways because I can.

I love getting messages from people who want to chat! SEND AWAY!

I do NOT have a problem helping you out with something if you need it, just don't be a mooch =)

I know, these make me seem like some jerk, but I have been myspacing for a long time, and I have realized that some things have to be said. I WILL be updating this frequently, so stay tuned =)

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rain_drop - January 23rd, 2007
wow..thanks for everything you've said...and i love scary movies and books as well. happy.gif

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