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Insanity - Day 9 - Pure Cardio

Sep 21st, 2010 7:39:27 am - Subscribe

The more I dig myself into this program, the more it humbles me. When on one day I feel like I can conquer the world, it slaps me in the face and brings me to is the one in charge now. This program sets the bar of how hard you will push yourself and as the time progresses, you start to feel arrogant and begin to think "I feel great! I will push myself hard this go round and I will feel fine." That is the mistake I made today, but it is one of those mistakes that teaches you a lesson, but deep down you are glad you did it. I felt sick 1/4 of the way through and toned it down, but I know I pushed myself harder in that first quarter than I ever did since I started, and that gives me a sense of hope. Maybe I will not have the body like Mike "The Situation" right now...maybe I never will, but I know deep in my heart that my body and soul thank me each time I push myself out of bed, put on my workout attire and sweat my heart out.
mood: Exhausted, Humbled
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Insanity - Day 8 - Cardio Power & Resistance

Sep 20th, 2010 7:51:11 am - Subscribe

Today was such an incredible day! I felt better than I have ever felt all year and I can actually feel I am getting stronger with the Insanity Workout. Last week when I did this disc, I started tittering out halfway through the warm up exercises, but today I actually made it through without really stopping.) I am actually starting to now be able to keep up with Shaun T and his workout crew through the workout. This disc is, in my opinion one of the harder workouts in the 1st month, so you feel very exhausted and need to rest halfway through the disc, but I see the Shaun T's crew taking breaks and resting so I don't feel bad.

After a couple of minutes I was able to build up some energy and actually try out Shaun T's "Ab Sculpt" workout under his Hip Hop Abs program. Today I am feeling more empowered and energetic than I have in months. I will keep tracking my progress throughout the 68 days, and I hope to have the results, energy and body I've wanted for years. Blog at you tomorrow!
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Day 6 of Insanity

Sep 18th, 2010 11:25:25 pm - Subscribe

Today was my final day for the 1st week. For this, this is a great accomplishment since I do not believe I actually completed a full week of this program since I purchased it. Tomorrow is going to be my rest day so I will definitely live it up. Today's workout was called "Plyometric Cardio Circuit". It is the 1st disc in the series, apart from the fit test and has great exercises to really beat the pants out of you.

For some reason, today I woke up feeling very dizzy and disoriented which really didn't help too much when I started on the workout. I really felt the dizzyness from the very beginning, I think around halfway through the warm up routine. I stuck it through, had to stop a few times, but I managed to push through the entire 42 mins. Aside from the cardio push ups in this disc, what my hardest exercise to perform is called Ski Abs and In and Outs(basically the same as the Ski Abs, but you bring your legs in between your arms, then out into a plank position)

The dizziness I was feeling was probably due to the allergens here in New Braunfels(Korea to some readershappy.gif ) so I feel alot better once I got medicated. I am going to be going to bed right now, but I will blog back either tomorrow or Monday about Day 7 of the program. Wish me luck....I hope the day of rest will not result in me not working out for a month or so (happened before) Night y'all!
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Insanity Day 5 - Pure Cardio

Sep 17th, 2010 7:53:31 am - Subscribe

Today was my day to work on one of my favorite workouts in the program so far....Pure Cardio. If anyone has never heard of Insanity, click on this youtube link for its commercial. Insanity Commercial

In this workout Shaun T does around 13 exercises one after the other without any breaks(of course if you need a break you can take one, which I took breaks throughout the workout). During this exercise I usually take my breaks around the same times, which my pessimistic side makes me doubt I am getting better, but I have noticed that I have been working out harder for the exercises I perform prior to taking a break so this program has been working! For this workout you have to do exercises like, mountain climbers, ski jumps, power jacks and push up jacks(which the last three listed will burn your quads and core).

Day 5 down - one more to go for the week. Tomorrow I am doing Plyometric Cardio Circuit.
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Day 4 of Insanity

Sep 16th, 2010 8:10:59 am - Subscribe

Good Morning Everyone,

If you do not know me, my name is John. I live in New Braunfels, TX and work at a wonderful school district called Comal ISD as their District Webmaster.

I brief history of myself and why I am deciding to blog about my progress with a workout program called "Insanity" from Beach Body. My family health history has been one that would make anyone concerned about themselves. When I was 14 my father passed away from his 3rd heart attack(he was 60 years old), my mother suffered a brain anneurism when I was 4 years old(she is still alive and healthy today...thank God!) Also, in April 2009, my oldest brother, Jake Jr. passed away as well from his 1st heart attack(he was 48 years old). As you can see, my family history made my wife and I concerned with my lifestyle and eating habits.

I promised my wife a few years ago that I will be around to bug her through old age, but unless working out was going out to the Tennis courts, I didn't feel the motivation. I ran when I could and started losing weight, but I hit a slump late last year and didn't feel any motivation to work out.

Since January of this year, I have been on/off with the Insanity program. If you haven't heard of this workout from Beach Body, what Shaun T does is he takes the traditional cardio workout routines in the market and flips it on it's head. Instead of doing 2 mins of light/moderate exercises and small bursts of hard exercises, he works out everyone hard for 2-3 mins and smaller bursts of the light/moderate routines. It is definitely insane and not for the faint of heart, but anyone with the will power and heart to push through can do this!

Now that Summer has come and gone I feel like I need some self-motivation to go the full 60 days and commit to the program. I am starting the program with a virgin mindset and pretend that I haven't quit this program multiple times before. Wish me luck!

Today was my 4th day of the program and it was called "Cardio Recovery." In the first month there are two discs that I dread is Cardio Power and Resistance and the 2nd is the one I did today. I felt discouraged before even starting it, but forced myself through the workout, and for the first time I feel like I actually did better on it than I have had in the past. Once Shaun T said that we were done with the workout, I felt this new-found sense of empowerment and hope. I cannot wait for tomorrow to go onto Day 5, "Pure Cardio."
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