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john101182 Tired..Did work at home. - Subscribe

Hey Good Morning Y'all....I'm John. I'm New to this Forum. I live in the Great City of San Antonio TX. Well I just got back from working with my friend on a Website we are constructing and I'm POOPED. happy.gif Well I'm going to keep my Blog tonight short since i have to wake up in the morning. GEEZ I hope I don't oversleep eight wake up calls and 30 mins of my alarm blasting in my ear again. I will Keep you posted on anything New and exciting Going down.
Mood: optimistic

john101182 New Day Same BS Jun 17th, 2004 1:00:39 pm - Subscribe
Man I swear I thought that summer school at a Junior College would be easier than it would be if I went to UTSA...WRONG!!! More work. don't enjoy a good 12 hour sleep unless I want to sleep at 8!...NOW WHAT KIND OF GUY WOULD DO THAT !!! happy.gif lol j/k. It's Hard, but hey good money saved which I can use to buy goodies. Well Hey i'm gonna go work on getting things for a website. I'll Blog back later. cool.gif
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john101182 off to work Jun 25th, 2004 6:43:41 pm - Subscribe
Ok it's 6:41 in the evening and I have to go to work till 1....we are fixing up the place and it's going to look SWEEEEET!. Well anyways I feel pretty stressed since i noticed that i've been taking two exams a week since i started summer school at san antonio college. two more weeks to go and man I'm getting brain cramps.... Well I will update later to tell you how the rest of my day went. Take care now, bye bye then sad.gif
Mood: stressed

john101182 Gettin\' ready for my exam Jun 28th, 2004 5:03:17 pm - Subscribe
Ok I'm just finishing up chapter four of my study book for my visual basic.NET exam I have in an hour!!!....still have one more chapter to go and to take the exam by around 6:30 or so.....Me so nervous....Wish me good luck

blog at ya later.

Mood: nervous

john101182 Tired school sucks Jun 30th, 2004 9:09:01 pm - Subscribe
Man Oh MAN!!!! School is a huge pain in the
butt. i'm learning how to program stuff using microsoft visual and man it's totally different than the other language I learned, which is JAVA. Guys personal opinion....if you are tired of working and they call you in on your day off in like FOREVER!!!!, you would go into work for like 3 hours???

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