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Day 6 of Insanity

Sep 18th, 2010 11:25:25 pm - Subscribe

Today was my final day for the 1st week. For this, this is a great accomplishment since I do not believe I actually completed a full week of this program since I purchased it. Tomorrow is going to be my rest day so I will definitely live it up. Today's workout was called "Plyometric Cardio Circuit". It is the 1st disc in the series, apart from the fit test and has great exercises to really beat the pants out of you.

For some reason, today I woke up feeling very dizzy and disoriented which really didn't help too much when I started on the workout. I really felt the dizzyness from the very beginning, I think around halfway through the warm up routine. I stuck it through, had to stop a few times, but I managed to push through the entire 42 mins. Aside from the cardio push ups in this disc, what my hardest exercise to perform is called Ski Abs and In and Outs(basically the same as the Ski Abs, but you bring your legs in between your arms, then out into a plank position)

The dizziness I was feeling was probably due to the allergens here in New Braunfels(Korea to some readershappy.gif ) so I feel alot better once I got medicated. I am going to be going to bed right now, but I will blog back either tomorrow or Monday about Day 7 of the program. Wish me luck....I hope the day of rest will not result in me not working out for a month or so (happened before) Night y'all!
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