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Insanity - Day 8 - Cardio Power & Resistance

Sep 20th, 2010 7:51:11 am - Subscribe

Today was such an incredible day! I felt better than I have ever felt all year and I can actually feel I am getting stronger with the Insanity Workout. Last week when I did this disc, I started tittering out halfway through the warm up exercises, but today I actually made it through without really stopping.) I am actually starting to now be able to keep up with Shaun T and his workout crew through the workout. This disc is, in my opinion one of the harder workouts in the 1st month, so you feel very exhausted and need to rest halfway through the disc, but I see the Shaun T's crew taking breaks and resting so I don't feel bad.

After a couple of minutes I was able to build up some energy and actually try out Shaun T's "Ab Sculpt" workout under his Hip Hop Abs program. Today I am feeling more empowered and energetic than I have in months. I will keep tracking my progress throughout the 68 days, and I hope to have the results, energy and body I've wanted for years. Blog at you tomorrow!
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