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nnnedf Dec 15th, 2008 9:08:39 pm - Subscribe
Mood | miffed

• So, what's on your copy and paste? This

• Are your fingers sticky? Why would they be?

• Does it snow where you live? Of course.

• Cool. Has it started snowing yet, then? Yes!!

• Do you ever use Picnik to edit your photos on Facebook? Nope

• You're bored, right? Sort of. Kinda killing time until sleep.

• Look at the TV. What channel is it on? The TV is downstairs.

• What's something you must do before entering your house? Open the door

• Name something you're allowed to do that your best friends aren't. Almost everything. Pierce my ears.

• Do you like oranges? Not really

• Have you ever been to Hong Kong? Would you like to? Yes. Duh!

• How many blogrings are you a member of? None

• Tell me the name of your best friend. I have many.

• Are you superstitious? To what extent? No

• What did you dress as for Halloween this year? I ate chicken wings.

• What day of the week is it? Monday

• Soo... your Chinese Zodiac is... Dog

• Tell me, what does Chinese sound like to you? Well considering I'm Chinese, I know what it means.

• Name a random object around you. Phone

• How many rooms are there in your house? Um...12?

• Would you rather have a big family or a small family? Small, with a big extended.

• Do you see your cousins often? No.

• What's the name of the nearest convenience store to you? Duno

• What do you want to be when you grow up? Special

• Say something in French, anything. Tres bien

• Describe to me what your mother looks like um. no

• Do you have a teddy bear? Does it have a name? Ys

• What's the next exciting thing in your calender? What are you exactly excited about? Seeing your crush eh? Break, break, no

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yayness May 30th, 2008 5:38:39 pm - Subscribe
Mood | eeehh

1.Do you know anyone who has two children with the same name?: haha, no. who would be stupid enough to do that?
2.Have you ever read Twilight?: no, but i probably will during the summer
3.When was the last time you went miniature golfing?: sometime last year
4.How many subscribers do you have?: none
5.What do you get complimented the most on?: it really depends, mostly clothing or something
6.What's a song you like from a genre you hate?: uh. i don't hate any genres?
7.If you had twin girls what would you name them?: Ashley and Mary Kate haha!
no like.. rhyming names or something
8.What kind of sunglasses do you have:? just blue tinted standard brand ones
9.What kind of underwear do you wear?: normal underwear
10.What do you think of dreadlocks?: ew.
11.What kind of condoms do you use?: ehh
12.Do you say years young or years old [ex: 16 years yound or 16 years old]? years old
13.What is your favorite scent for candles?: vanilla or any fruity sent
14.Do you have any personality disorders?: haha, nope
15.Do you have any special talents?: umm my elbows bend extraordinarily
16.Do you shave your arms?: hah no
17.What did you last take a picture of?: some pretty artwork
18.What do you dip your fries in?: BBQ sauce, ranch sauce, just not ketchup
19.Did you ever have the new chocolate skittles?: nope, but would like to.. i'm actually not sure i want any
20.Has one of your good friends ever moved away?: thankfully not
21.Have you ever played Bloons on nope. should i
22.What kind of water do you drink?: filtered?
23.What color car are you when you play The Game of Life?: BLUE
24.Would you rather have a zune or ipod?: ipod.
25.Which hair color do you find the ugliest?: bright green
26.What pisses you off more than anything?: i can't name anything off the top of my head
27.Would you date a guy that wears more make-up than you do?: nope.
28.What celebrity do you think is really,really ugly?: uhh.. orlando bloom.
29.Did you ever play MASH when you were little?: yea
30.If you were getting married, who would be your maid of honor?: umm, my dearest..
31.Do you think we'll have another depression any time soon?: no
32.Have you ever been to a block party?: yes
33.When using a public restroom do you put toilet paper down on the seat, or just kind of hover over the seat?: i hoverr
34.What's your favorite ride to go on at amusement parks?: the backwards creaky ones
35.What do you think of people who make fake myspaces,xangas,etc. using other people's pictures?: ugh, stupid, creepy and stalkerish
36.Speaking of which, has anyone ever stolen any of your pictures and made a fake site?: nope.
37.What kind of mood are you generally in?: positive. and neutral.
38.Who's the best dressed person you know?: um, me. xD. i don't really .. know any best dressed?
39.What is the most annoying song you've ever heard?: the repetitive dance songst
40.Do you play Sudoku?: nope
41.What was the last field trip you went on?: bark lake. or queens.
42.Have you ever sold anything on eBay?: no
43.Do you read postsecrets?: what are those?
44.Do you actually think any scary movies are scary?: the Japanese ones.
45.Have you ever seen a ghost? If so, tell me about it.: nope
46.Do you even believe in ghosts?: yes
47.Which Pokemon was your favorite?: pikachu! hes a cutie
48.What do you usually do on Saturday nights?: chill with ppl.
49.Since no one commented me telling me what kind of surveys they want me to make or what kind they like best, what is your favorite kind of survey?: these? the really random ones that give me something to actually think about
50.Did you even like this survey?: yea

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