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nnnedf Dec 15th, 2008 9:08:39 pm - Subscribe
Mood | miffed

• So, what's on your copy and paste? This

• Are your fingers sticky? Why would they be?

• Does it snow where you live? Of course.

• Cool. Has it started snowing yet, then? Yes!!

• Do you ever use Picnik to edit your photos on Facebook? Nope

• You're bored, right? Sort of. Kinda killing time until sleep.

• Look at the TV. What channel is it on? The TV is downstairs.

• What's something you must do before entering your house? Open the door

• Name something you're allowed to do that your best friends aren't. Almost everything. Pierce my ears.

• Do you like oranges? Not really

• Have you ever been to Hong Kong? Would you like to? Yes. Duh!

• How many blogrings are you a member of? None

• Tell me the name of your best friend. I have many.

• Are you superstitious? To what extent? No

• What did you dress as for Halloween this year? I ate chicken wings.

• What day of the week is it? Monday

• Soo... your Chinese Zodiac is... Dog

• Tell me, what does Chinese sound like to you? Well considering I'm Chinese, I know what it means.

• Name a random object around you. Phone

• How many rooms are there in your house? Um...12?

• Would you rather have a big family or a small family? Small, with a big extended.

• Do you see your cousins often? No.

• What's the name of the nearest convenience store to you? Duno

• What do you want to be when you grow up? Special

• Say something in French, anything. Tres bien

• Describe to me what your mother looks like um. no

• Do you have a teddy bear? Does it have a name? Ys

• What's the next exciting thing in your calender? What are you exactly excited about? Seeing your crush eh? Break, break, no

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