Empty your veins over me.
Date: Nov 4th, 2011 11:34:13 am - Subscribe
Mood: Aloof.
Music: Gobble Gobble - Eat Sun, Son

On one side of the street, my joints are beginning to rust, and my gears are corroded. My software is outdated, and my clocks are off. My calculations are no longer sound. My tickers and buzzers have not been functional for what feels like a decade. With each step, I find that my extremities are breaking down. The metal grinds against itself and flakes off, bit by bit. The weight of these tool kits attached to my sides is a battle I can no longer fight. To rotate my wrists, or my neck, or my hips requires such an effort now, to avoid colliding with one another. I do not have any grease left.

Across the street, you. Your parts are nonexistent. Your rings and bells have fallen off. You are missing switches and levers. I do not think that you can even move, the way your lower half is contorted. You are shorting out. From here, I can see that your wires are exposed. And you are covered in oil.

And yet still, we both remain as we are.
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