Into dust we go.
Date: Oct 14th, 2011 5:26:09 pm - Subscribe
Mood: Rotton.
Music: Tycho - A Walk

This grip on my chest, it won't let go.
And this hold on my lungs, it won't release.
This fog in my head, it won't clear.
And this panic in my heart, it won't subside.
This clot in my blood, it won't soften.
And this pressure in my pulse, it won't lighten.
This fear in my conscience, it won't leave.
And this frailty, it won't toughen.

It's really very cold, and my head is swimming ferociously, and I'm petrified, and I'm begging, and I'm crying, and it won't stop, and no one will make it stop, and I can't catch my breath, and I can't make it go away, and I can feel my heart pounding relentlessly, and I can hear my lungs gasping, and I need help, and I just can't do this.
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