Let me show you where it hurts.
Date: Feb 16th, 2012 9:43:20 pm - Subscribe
Mood: As rageful as a hurricane in August.
Music: Mushroomhead - Save Us

I'm watching this home-video of you from when I was a kid, and I'm looking at your face. Your face is tired and worn. You can't even hear me. I'm sitting right next to you, and you can't hear me. Your mind is gone, and you don't care. Because inside there, everything's great. You didn't have to deal with all of my stories, or help me with math homework, or play Barbies with me. Someone else did all of that for you, because you were too busy in there. You were too busy passing out on the toilet. You were too busy telling me to go away. You were too busy watching your favorites shows.

I used to wonder what was so fucking good in there. Was it all rainbows and unicorns? Were there brilliant stars in the sky, or mountainous waterfalls in some tropical rain forest? Did everyone have chocolates and ice cream cones? What was going on in there that was so much better than what was out here?

And then I found out, you fucking roach. I found out what it was all for. I found out what you thought was so good, and so worth it. I found out what you gave me up for. I found out what was in there.

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