Make love to me, Celestial Bodies.
Date: May 18th, 2010 2:54:46 pm - Subscribe
Mood: Free-spirited.
Music: Tycho - The Daydream

My window, barely cracked. The sun? Nowhere to be seen. The soft greys and whites dim the light as they release their soft trickles of water upon the surface below. My ears prick to the sounds of euphoria such as this. The scent the air takes on before it explodes with moisture is most alluring. I wish to lie in the streets naked, if it were not so odd. I want to feel the lush blades of grass underneath my backside as the water droplets blissfully glide from my belly button down. My skin tightens, as I shiver in the mist. Tiny aqua beads roll from my bare breasts to the base of my neck and around, forming the silhouette of elegant pearls. Sing me sweet, warm nothings as I fall asleep in your soaking arms. Douse me with all your fluidic delights. Ravish my eyes in your beauty and reserve. Embrace my soul, and make me cry out.

Breathe me in, as I breathe you.
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