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Date: Nov 10th, 2011 1:41:04 am - Subscribe
Mood: Brought to naught.
Music: Solar Fields - Introduction

I strove so very hard to be this perfectly docile, subordinate, and nurturing creature. Yes sirs, no sirs, thank you sirs.

But, alas, my knees are weak now, and my heart is heavy with sufferance. I find myself no longer able to support the weight. It is as if I am dragging a ship behind me, through the sands of Arabia.

A ship full of elephants.

With other elephants stacked atop the original elephants.

And they are all jumping up and down incessantly.

And the only thought that my mind allows me to entertain is how things were, prior to my Pachyderm vessel. I reminisce on the tenderness shared, and the moments that will never be forgotten. I recall how every waking moment was beautiful, and how I could not tire from it. I revive the eagerness and the passions that my heart once swam amongst so fluidly.

I want to soar with my vehemence once more. I want to taste the ardor in the air. I want my wings to burst through pockets of spirit, and I want to caw over the tiny ant-world below, until every inhabitant is fully aware of my affection.

My pleas have the clarity of a fresh diamond, and yet I am still greeted with a palm of coal. Perhaps a polishing is in order.
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