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Date: Apr 21st, 2008 1:03:47 am - Subscribe
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It's slightly confusing, and neither of us ever actually said it, but I'm pretty sure I broke up with B. tonight?

I say pretty sure because I know he will probably call tomorrow, angry, and then eventually try to wheedle his way back in.

I guess he thought I was kidding when I said that if he ever had any sort of communication with A. again that I was gone, because I can't handle it. Not after everything that has happened.

And reminicing with her over all of it was just the last straw.

I think.

I cried for maybe five minutes, deep heart-wrenching sobs that brought me to the brink of physical sickness, but then I stopped abruptly. And smiled.

I feel completely free, though I know that I will be hurting in the morning, and if not then, in a few days time.

There is one thing that I'm getting some spiteful enjoyment out of:

His senior prom is next month. He could definately still find another date, and if he doesn't manage to wedge himself back into my heart he probably will. But it won't be the same for him, and I'm glad.

After all, he ruined my senior prom for me. Because that's where he met C., the girl he ended up leaving me for two summers ago, and spent most of the night clinging to her instead of me.

I'm still resentful, obviously.

Call me a bitch, but I want him to know how it feels. Finally.
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