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Mar 8th, 2005 8:02:03 am - Subscribe

so my internet is down and i can only access emoblog from the schools computer.
that sucks ass.
but yall can read up on me in between updates at xanga.
i'm Jezabelle_Jo
or yall can IM jezabelle109.

we lost to Moorhead...that was sad. but we got 3rd place in the state.

yesterday i talked to eric and fud. the sweethearts. i love them.

and my mom is like in love with my friend ben from UMD. which worries me slightly.
she really wants me to go out with him...and i just couldn't. he's like a really good friend. and it would be awkward right now. ANYWAY.
that's about it.
Mood: stable
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Mar 4th, 2005 8:10:33 am - Subscribe

yesterday rocked my fricken socks off, twice.
we kicked the crap out of White Bear Lake, and it was fricken awesome.
i really love the movie Center Stage. i mean, who wouldn't?
it has hot guys in tights, who are fricken limber!!
but, fud was so fricken hot and aggressive yesterday, he got 2 penalties. it was fricken hot. wow.
i love hockey. almost as much as i love watching wally szczerbiak. because watching fud get penalties is fricken hot.
fricken A right dog. hell fricken yes.
wow, so i'm pumped because i get a fricken egg roll today. and that honestly makes my day. i love a good roll...egg roll that is...lol

Mood: clueless
excellent song: WE ARE THE FUCKING CHAMPIONS- Queen
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the damn fever

Feb 16th, 2005 10:41:17 am - Subscribe

why am i always having a fever??

i have one again. and it totally kills me.

that and the fact that we had the best time ever in the hallway this morning, oh my god. we didn't even miss the band people at all. we had that much fun.

other than that, i found my pen that i lost. it was in my back pocket. i'm such a nerd.

ok, my ears are really really uber hot. like burning.
my ears are burning.

sarah, i hope you feel better, i love you dolly!!
neal, good luck at the talent show, i'm sure you're going to rock everyone's socks off!!
arrie, keep smiling, and don't get down about things like little blonde girls, because that doesn't mean a thing. all you can do is live in the here and now. just live arrie.
manda, and dustin- keep shining, i love coming to school in the morning and seeing the love that radiates from you two. its an inspiration to all of us (even if sometimes it makes us all a little uncomfortable!)
mux, keep your hopes up, always, keep jamming to groovy music too.

i think i hit everyone here...

so i bid you adieu.

Mood: burning
excellent song: i want you- third eye blind
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tragic life

Feb 11th, 2005 1:59:46 pm - Subscribe

i lead one. my boyfriend loves me, and my mother hates me.

nothing seems to be going right for anyone in my family.

tonight i just want to forget my troubles and have a good time....but i'll know i'll be thinking about Joe the whole time

i love him so much. i hope he realizes that. i love him more than anything. anything at all.

i'm also kind of nervous about writing a love letter for school. because i want to write one to Joe..but you know how that goes...i don't want to come off sounding like a complete moron....oh well...

he's mine.
i'm his.
we're each others.

Mood: dramatic
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Feb 7th, 2005 8:02:04 am - Subscribe

sitting here, with my bestest buddy arrie.
she doesn't want to clean her locker.
i don't want to go and take my chemistry test

yesterday i had a happy outlook on life, but today is delayed because of lack of sleep.

tossing and turning all night thinking of your boyfriend is nothing great...except well...only if he's hot.

anyway, i'm bored..again.

Mood: charmed
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