Flash backs
Date: Oct 9th, 2008 11:46:26 am - Subscribe
Mood: upside-down

It's amazing how the past has a tendancy of creaping up when you least expect it. I sit here and gaze out upon the waves of the thassa as it laps upon the cool grains of sand.. bringing in the new and letting go of the past. The gains of sand... every changing, ever flowing. Such, it seems is the way of life.

I have changed, I realized that the other evening when my blast from the past hit. One would have thought after all these envar's that one of us might have forgotten about my prank. But no, seems the foo foo Mistress has a better memory then I gave her credit for. She was visiting Schendi, and lucky me was the one around to serve. Part ofme wanted to laugh hearing her, and that urge to make one of those cookies I served into the shape of an urt did hit. Yet I didn't... Instead I was sugary sweet.

Why do I suddenly stuggle so? Why do I feel as though I have lost myself? Master quizzed paris and I last night. He asked us questions about the city, and oddly enough, for as long as we have been here, I was not able to answer some of them. I am en, yet I no longer feel worthy of that position. What is going on with me? Have i served my purpose on this land?
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Date: Sep 17th, 2008 9:33:56 pm - Subscribe
Mood: proud

No longer do we live in Kar. But now in Schendi. It's a beautiful place, even though Master hates the sand, and the people are nice. Although I am really afraid of drinking the water. It seems everyone who drinks it ends up pregnant, so I snuck an extra dose of the slave wine. Nope, I just don't want any kids, that's Mistress's place. I must say I think Master picked a winner this time. She seems to like us all and understand that Master is a slaver and needs to focus at times on that.

I have changed. I am still a Karian slave, that will never change. For being a karian slave is all about attitude. Yet, I have toned down some. I am content in my life. I am an owned slave and will be forever. Master made that clear to me when he branded me with his brand. With the brand that I asked for.

Life has settled for me, I just wish it would for my chain sisters. Runner is doing alright. She has been moved up to Se slave and has taken to keeping watch over the children more often then not. Though I worry for paris. She is so distant at times that it frusterates me when I see the looks on her's and Masters face. But I know that things will work out in time. Paris may be stong willed, but Master is stronger.

It is getting late, I should check on everyone and then head for sleep.
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Date: Sep 17th, 2008 8:53:12 pm - Subscribe

Just to let those who where wondering why the long time frame in post. I have been busy with mun life. But will be trying to post more often once more. Sorry to those who read this journal.
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Date: Feb 1st, 2008 9:16:24 am - Subscribe
Mood: so-so

I haven't been to sure what to make of the recent news I was given. We are leaving Port Kar. To where, that is still up in the air. Though it seems our first stop will be a place called Turmus. The news was a bit of a shock to me… and I haven't been sure what my true feelings are.

The bad things would be the fact that I will be leaving those I call my friends. What will I do without oona? Taylor is already gone… I found that out at the fair that she is in a place called Treve. I won't be able to work for Aaron and Tru anymore either. Or be able to travel over and visit with Eric and those of his house. Nor flirt with some of the men that I am so used to being able too…

Yet the good things would be the fact that I can be able to travel around and met new people. Perhaps I won't be banned from houses like I am now. I miss the old day's where I had the freedom to roam and visit at will when I wasn't needed by my Master. Between House Bloodskull, Masters ex`mate and Sleen. I've had to take to staying close to the inn we are staying in.

I suppose over all, I will be happy no matter where I am, as long as I'm at Masters feet. For he wants this move, and I want him happy. I will adjust, I always do.

Speaking of Master, I should check on him…. Perhaps see if he "needs" anything… for I know I sure do.
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In favor again
Date: Jan 29th, 2008 2:01:12 pm - Subscribe
Mood: thrilled

The fair has kept me on the go, so much to see and do. I worried there a bit while in his disfavor. But…

He smiled again! I guess some would find that silly. That a smile would make my heart soar so highly. But it did me. He is pleased with me again and that's what matters. Once more I am finding fun at the fair. He was pleased with my first place in the dance contest. I wish though that he could have seen it. Though he is busy and perhaps some time I will dance for him and him only.

I must admit my journal, I was scared when I went to approach him. The look in his eyes and sound of his voice with his anger is something I hope never to experience again. I can't believe I begged for him to cut my chest off. But his words… "a part of me not his." My life has changed, I have grown and moved on in my life. My life with him as my Master… Begging for one to cut your hair off is nothing compared to your chest. I was scared as I laid upon the ground before him… would he truly do it? "Relax" He said, that's easier said then done. No, he didn't cut them off… but he did lay claim to them… to me. I held nothing back from him, savored the moment and time. Relishing the heat, and ending bruises from the force of it all. My body his once more.

His favor found, my happiness returned. Back to explore the fair and help Aaron out. After all, I am a wench that enjoys sparkles… and Aaron and Tru do see that I get decked out with them for my work. Speaking off.. It's off to see what I can do.
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