Flash backs
Date: Oct 9th, 2008 11:46:26 am - Subscribe
Mood: upside-down

It's amazing how the past has a tendancy of creaping up when you least expect it. I sit here and gaze out upon the waves of the thassa as it laps upon the cool grains of sand.. bringing in the new and letting go of the past. The gains of sand... every changing, ever flowing. Such, it seems is the way of life.

I have changed, I realized that the other evening when my blast from the past hit. One would have thought after all these envar's that one of us might have forgotten about my prank. But no, seems the foo foo Mistress has a better memory then I gave her credit for. She was visiting Schendi, and lucky me was the one around to serve. Part ofme wanted to laugh hearing her, and that urge to make one of those cookies I served into the shape of an urt did hit. Yet I didn't... Instead I was sugary sweet.

Why do I suddenly stuggle so? Why do I feel as though I have lost myself? Master quizzed paris and I last night. He asked us questions about the city, and oddly enough, for as long as we have been here, I was not able to answer some of them. I am en, yet I no longer feel worthy of that position. What is going on with me? Have i served my purpose on this land?
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